Monday, February 1, 2010

Outdoor Furniture Distributors

Outdoor furniture distributors are an important and essentially indispensable part of the business supply chain for small and medium sized retail establishments. They import and distribute outdoor furniture from different manufacturing facilities from around the world.
Outdoor furniture distributors usually operate efficient modern warehouse facilities. They typically sell to local hardware stores, garden shops and the smaller retail outdoor furniture outlets. What outdoor furniture distributors do is make it possible for a local merchant to offer products from many different companies located all over the world to their customers.

These outdoor furniture distributors follow the changing trends in furniture manufacturing technology, customer preferences and the general market conditions in the industry. They provide the benefit of their knowledge and experience to the local merchant.
Outdoor furniture distributors can eliminate the expense of carrying a large inventory and reduce the cost of doing business for their clients. Good distributors usually ship orders within 24 hours of receiving orders. The larger ones typically have their warehouses located regionally to minimize the shipping time to their retail outlet customers. Most offer volume pricing programs designed to leverage the retail store�s buying power.

Since many outdoor furniture distributors even offer in-house customizing and repair services to their clients, they can provide the small retailer a distinct advantage over the chain store�s �what you see on the floor is what you buy� typical product selection. Now the small local retailer can off a wide range of special order products that be delivered quickly since they are already sitting in the outdoor furniture distributor�s warehouse ready for shipping.

Without outdoor furniture distributors it would be almost impossible for a small retail outlet to offer these products to their customers. They allow your store to carry a few samples to show prospective customers while guaranteeing prompt delivery when sale is made

The outdoor furniture distributor is a vital link in the retail outlet distribution process. If you operate an small hardware store, garden shop or retail store and want to offer outdoor furniture products to your customers, contact your local library or chamber of commerce to obtain a list of outdoor furniture distributors.