Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Panel Furniture Shelves

There are two basic types of wood panel furniture shelves, double-faced or single-faced. Which of these you choose of either one whether you chose one style or a mixture of both will depend on both your room layout and exactly what you plan to store on the shelves. Single-faced or wall-type shelving units cannot stand alone. They must be anchored to a wall for proper support. Double-faced or aisle-type shelving can stand alone so that the amount of shelving your project needs can be placed anywhere in your room

Hardwood shelving is available in four different heights, 42, 48, 60.5 and 82 inches in height. 42 and 48 inch high shelves are easy to reach shelves are ideal for almost any shelving need. 60.5 inch shelves are also ideal for areas where visibility is a must for your free standing units. Finally, 82 inch high shelves are ideal for any area where floor space is limited and a higher storage density is required.

Panel furniture shelves made of hardwood are available in depths of 10 and 12 inches. The biggest factor in choosing one over the other is the type of books or others objects you will be shelving. Wider books and other kinds of objects will probably require a deeper shelf. Custom sized shelf widths are available but are usually two to three times the cost.

Most panel furniture are available with an optional back to prevent your books, trophies and other media from being pushed out the back. Backs are finished on one side and are available in an economy version board that is painted light or dark or in a plywood matching wood grain version.

Optional partitions to separate each side of the shelving unit are available. Partitions are finished on both sides and are available in an economy version board that is painted light or dark or a plywood matching wood grain.

Most panel furniture shelves under 65 inches in height can be ordered with optional high-pressure laminate tops to prevent scratches and wear from visitors and family members. Shelving is the easiest way to conveniently store frequently used items or to show off treasured items.

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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Outdoor Furniture Cushion Replacement

How often should you do outdoor furniture cushion replacement? How often cleaning is necessary will depend on both the original quality of the outdoor furniture cushions and how well they have been maintained.

A good quality outdoor furniture cushion should last for several years if it is cleaned according to the manufacturer�s recommendations regularly and stored indoors in a dust and mildew free environment during the winter. Cleaning methods and frequency depend on the fabric used for the outdoor furniture cushion replacement and the kind of wear and tear that the cushions have received.

Most manufacturers recommend hosing outdoor furniture cushions off regularly and washing them with a mild soap and soft brush monthly but more frequently if heavily used or they just dirty. There are several very good commercial products available to remove stains. Always check the manufacture�s instructions for stain removal and follow them before turning to some other commercial product. They know their own products better than anyone else.

There are several different types of materials used to cover outdoor furniture cushions. Some cushions covering materials are waterproof, others are water resistant, and still others are designed to allow the rain to flow through the cushion.

Waterproof cushions must be inspected for all tears. If you find a tear it must be repaired immediately to prevent moisture from getting inside the cushion. If moisture gets inside this type of outdoor furniture cushion replacement cushion, it can mold and mildew. If that does happen, it must be replaced.

Water resistant cushions are filled with materials that resist mold and mildew and have some degree of breath ability to allow the moisture that does enter the cushion fill to dry fairly quickly. But all tears should be quickly repaired because these cushions cannot tolerate large amounts of water getting inside. If that does happen, you will need to replace the cushions.

Rain through outdoor furniture cushion replacement cushions are designed to let the water flow through the cushion. Water cannot adhere or penetrate the fill and they are porous so that they will dry quickly. Tears should be immediately repaired and the cushions should be replaced if they develop an unpleasant odor or start losing fill material.

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Monday, December 28, 2009

Oak And Hickory Furniture

Oak and hickory furniture is usually made from solid oak or hickory. Although many manufactures will use oak and hickory veneer on top of the solid wood to get a more uniform appearance for all of the pieces.

Wood finishing for oak and hickory furniture is probably the most neglected part in any furniture purchase. Most people just want the finished pieces to look good. So they are usually more concerned with how the furniture is constructed. However, wood finishing should be given as much attention as all of the initial stages in building a piece of oak and hickory furniture. After all, you wouldn't want your furniture to deteriorate with time because it wasn�t finished properly. Not to mention, the additional expense incurred to have it refinished.

The purpose of finishing the wood is to protect the surface of the wood from wear and tear from normal use and from general weathering. Surface finishes like varnish, polyurethane and lacquer do this by providing a protective coating on the surface of the wood. While oil finishes tend to penetrate into the grain of the wood and protect by hardening the wood fibers themselves.

Surface wood finishing for your oak and hickory furniture gives you better protection against stain and abrasion than oil finishes but tends to be more difficult to repair. Many surface finishes have that shiny luster that some prefer but to the wood purist, they have an artificial look and feel. On the other hand, oil based finishes have a more matt finish that brings out the natural grain of the wood.

The most common types of oaks used for oak and hickory furniture is either red oak or white oak. Both grow allover the North America and are most prevalent along the eastern seaboard. Red oak, as it�s name implies, has a red color to the wood and is the preferred wood for most non-veneered furniture use. White oak has a white wood that is more commonly used for structural building materials but is frequently used when a veneer is being applied over the solid wood.

The most common types of hickory used for oak and hickory furniture are pecan hickory and shagbark hickory.

Pecan Hickory Grows in United States and Mexico. It is pale to reddish and is a very heavy, hard and strong wood that is stiff and shock resistant. Shagbark Hickory grows in United States and Canada. It is brown to reddish brown and is one of the hardest, heaviest and strongest woods in the United States and is used to make musical instruments as well ad oak and hickory furniture.

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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Northern Michigan Rustic Furniture

Northern Michigan rustic furniture uses whatever raw materials nature provides free for the taking. The craftsmen use hand or hand power tools and designs straight out of their imagination to create unusual but functional furniture that is as at home in a backwoods cabin but can also be an interesting conversation piece in a contemporary home or office.

Using recycled barn wood and standing dead trees or twisted juniper roots and willow weavings the makers of rustic furniture seen to be trying to make a personal connection with nature. These folks have borrowed the philosophy of the great grandparents. Back in the past people had to build their furniture from whatever nature supplied to serve their needs. A distressed appearance, you know the rough finish with obvious signs of hand working found on some of the rustic pieces adds a character and an individuality not found in other furniture styles. Rustic furniture is warm, creative, and practical and it speaks to our appreciation of human genius and resourcefulness.

The first step in creating northern Michigan rustic furniture is decided how to peel the wood. Peeling is the process of removing the3 pouter bark. A peeled log has had all the outer and inner bark removed. What remains is a cleanly shaved piece with traces of the drawknife's flat trail. A perfectly round log indicates that the piece was machined on a lathe. Hand peeling leaves traces of the inner bark producing a mottled (more rustic looking) effect.

Wood choices are usually influenced by geography because the furniture makers tend to use the woods that are native to their area. Most of the furniture is made form members of the pine the family but you will find rustic furniture made from hickory, oak and other woods. Cracks or other imperfections that appear in dry wood are a natural occurrence and do not impact the strength or durability of the furniture piece. Oftentimes these "imperfections", along with diseased areas and burl are used to create uniqueness for the piece.

Most northern Michigan rustic furniture makers pride themselves on using old-world methods of joinery. They use dowels and biscuits embedded in the boards to add strength to the glue joint and help keep the boards aligned. Some of the more painstaking have even used tongue and groove for table tops. If done properly, a glued joint is usually stronger than the rest of the board.

The most common visible joint in furniture is the mortise and tenon, basically an opening (mortise) that accommodates a shaft (tenon). The joint needs to be a snug fit, if it is too tight, it can split the wood and if too loose the joint will be weak and wear over time. We have all sat on wobbly chairs with weakening joints.

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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Living Room Furniture Closeout Specials

Everybody is always looking for living room furniture closeout specials. Why pay full price for the latest and greatest furniture when you can get brand new discontinued styles for a fraction of the cost and no one but ever need know how great a bargain you got.

While there are a variety of pieces available for the living room, sofas, loveseats side chairs and recliners are the most common type of upholstered furniture. Coffee and end tables, entertainment centers and lamps are the most common accessories purchased. Most of the retailers offer �sets� at bulk purchase prices.

In living room furniture closeout specials beauty and comfort are the best criteria for choosing a sofa, loveseat or chair. While appearance is essential to creating the atmosphere of your home, comfort makes the furniture a pleasure to live with. Most upholstered furniture consists of three basic parts beneath the outer fabric cover. They are the frame, the supporting foundation, and the cushioning or padding.

The frame and supporting foundation are critical to comfort because they provide the structural support for the other components. Traditionally the best frames have been made of kiln-dried hardwood that resists warping. Today, quality frames may also be made of steel, plastic, laminated boards or a combination of these materials.

Next, there must be support above the frame. Manufacturers use webbing, sling straps, slats or springs of various types to provide the needed support structure. The design, size and amount of support or softness desired by the designer will determine which type of support materials the designer uses.
Springs can be single coil, double cone coil or zigzag (sinuous S-type) and can be connected with twine, wire ties or clips.

Eight-way hand-tied coil springing has been considered a mark of quality living room furniture closeout specials for decades. Each coil spring is placed in the seat by hand and a skilled craftsman ties the coil into place with twine and interlocks it with the other coils using an intricate set of knots. Each coil is set so it responds to body weight with the proper degree of support.

Although eight-way, hand-tied remains the standard of excellence for those who can afford the very best they also require ample space and can make the furniture bulky. The S-type spring is slim and strong and makes it possible to have good looking, light-weight, �slim�, comfortable, serviceable upholstered furniture at affordable prices.

Finally, the cushioning forms the comfort layer. Cushioning materials include cotton or polyester, polyurethane foam and, of course, down. Foam and polyester fiberfill wrap are commonly used padding materials. These man-made materials are durable, resilient, mothproof and mildew and fungus resistant. Foam can be used as a solid unit, wrapped with a softer polyester material or chopped up and blown into new shapes for arms and backs that would otherwise be hard to pad.

Now all you need to do is cover the furniture in your choice of fabric designs or leather. Of course, the ultimate test for living room furniture closeout specials is to sit down. How else can you tell if this sofa or chair is right for you?

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Friday, December 25, 2009

Ivory French Provincial Dining Room Furniture

ivory french provincial dining room furniture is one of the most popular furniture styles in history style that is frequently copied and provides a warm enduring look.
Picture romantic images of long, lazy lunches in the hillsides of rural France. Many people use this decorating theme to create a relaxed European look in their homes. All over the world, meals are being served on a waxed French farmhouse table surrounded by ladder-back chairs with rush seats.

French provincial furniture was first made in the mid-1700s and continued to be widely manufactured throughout France during the 19th century. Many of these pieces were smaller, less-ornate and therefore less expensive versions of furniture that was popular in Paris and Lyon during the reign of Louis XV.

Since the furniture was designed to be used by the farmers and craftsman of the small towns and the country side, it was made by cabinetmakers from the less expensive from local timbers such as oak, beech and walnut and fruit-tree woods. These woods provide a simple strength and beauty to his style of furniture.

For many enthusiasts of ivory french provincial dining room furniture, the raw Signature pieces such as armoires, buffets, sideboards, chair rails and china cabinets or even the simple farmhouse tables radiate a "sunny personality" in any room.
And unlike highly polished furniture, French provincial pieces are user-friendly and forgiving. This is furniture that is not fragile, even though it is elegant and beautiful.

In more modern times, many manufacturers added formica table tops to their ivory french provincial dining room furniture. This created an extremely durable piece of furniture that could all of the punishment a large busy family can give a dining room table.
I�ve also seen many of these sets painted ivory or white with ornate gold flours de leaf hardware on the cabinet doors and drawer pulls which nicely off set the plain white or ivory paint. Put this ivory french provincial dining room furniture in a room with darker colored walls and a dark hardwood floor and you get a sparkling, clean yet elegant look that will make any homeowner proud.

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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Molded Resin Outdoor Furniture

molded resin outdoor furniture has become extremely popular over the past decade because resin furniture requires little or no maintenance and will last a long time. But, like all outdoor furniture, molded resin outdoor furniture needs to be cleaned regularly to maintain its original appearance.

molded resin outdoor furniture is tough and holds up to years of wear and tear due to the exclusive manufacturing process that uses K2 double-injection molding. This process creates a superior heavy-duty construction and uses up to three times more resin than the other more traditional single-injection molding techniques. When you compare this process to other more traditional methods, double-injection molding is a much slower process, which makes the resin more durable and long lasting. Also, this double injection molding technique allows the manufacturer to create complex contours at the front and back of each piece for enhanced beauty and ergonomic comfort.

The classic style of the molded resin outdoor furniture is more than a beautiful addition to your backyard, patio, poolside, or deck. These pieces possess a mark of quality, comfort, convenience, and a sense of style. The molded resin outdoor furniture is weatherproof because it is made of special mineral-reinforced polypropylene resin that is a superior synthetic product that absorbs heat from the sun. I will also resist colors fading or white yellowing. Since the material has a soft almost pliable texture, it does not crack.

All of these features of the material make it impervious to weather conditions because quality resin expands and contracts with the temperature so it can be left outside year-round without rusting, rotting, and there is no need to paint it. But like all outdoor furniture, it does need regular cleaning to maintain it good looks. Below are some cleaning tips.

Plain Molded Resin - Hose off often and dry with a soft towel. About once a month or more frequently if needed, use a mild soapy solution or a commercial cleaner made specifically for resin furniture to remove pollution and dirt as needed. Rinse and dry with a soft towel. DO NOT use abrasive cleaners or those containing bleach. But you can use car wax can add extra protection and luster.

Resin Weave - Hose off often frequently. About once a month or more frequently if needed, use a mild soapy solution or a commercial cleaner made specifically for resin furniture to remove pollution and dirt as needed. Rinse and leave in the sun to dry. Check frequently for any unraveling strands. In most cases a broken strand can be rewoven or tied to the frame or to another strand

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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Michigan Rustic Furniture

According to the dictionary, the term "rusticating" means �to live or go to live in the country; or to make something rustic or rural in style�. This expression became a popular in the mid to late eighteen hundreds. Rich city dwellers built elaborate country retreats and cabins and "rusticated" during the summer. Many of these "rustic homes" became America's castles.

Michigan rustic furniture had it beginnings was the American rustic furniture movement was born in the Adirondacks Mountains in upper New York State. The winter staff of these rustic manors frequently made furniture during the winter when the property owners were away in the city. The idea behind the rustic furniture movement was to create interesting pieces of furniture using natural materials such as twigs and logs. Many of these creations were often decorated with deer and moose antlers. Twigs (or willow) have been used to make furniture since people began making furniture. Many early twig furniture makers were migrants who traveled the country making willow furniture to sell to the local residents.

Today Michigan rustic furniture makers still follow the original tradition of using whatever natural materials are available to fashion spectacular unique furniture and accessory items. The vast majority of rustic furniture makers consist of small mom and pop businesses. Most of these manufactures got started selling their hand-made furniture items out of the back of their trucks or from their garages. With the wide spread access to the Internet almost universal, even the smallest, most remote furniture makers have a way to reach customers worldwide.

michigan rustic furniture is not like other styles of furniture such as traditional or contemporary. It rarely has ornate gilding. It can be made of almost any material found in the area. There are no predictable lines or patterns. Sometimes it can be difficult to decide exactly what the items function might be. A rustic saddle rack looks an awful lot like a vary fancy saw horse except that is has a pedestal instead of separate legs.

michigan rustic furniture frequently lacks the predictable lines or patterns we've come to expect in "conventional" furniture. A rustic chair might appear to have grown out of the floor with twisted legs and unparallel stretchers and back braces. Rustic furniture frequently recycles itself. Old barns are scavenged for wood, which is fashioned into tables, chests and anything the craftsman can envision.

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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Kettler Pool Furniture

kettler pool furniture is one of the many very good brands of outdoor pool furniture that available for purchase. This is a high quality outstanding line of products and will definitely provide more than just a beautiful addition to your outdoor seating area. Manufactured with special mineral-reinforced polypropylene resin, each piece absorbs heat from the sun prevents those uncomfortable minor burns on the back of bare legs on a hot summer day.

All kettler pool furniture resists fading from being in direct sunlight. The white resin will not yellow nor will the colors fade. The Kettler pool furniture is also available in high-quality wrought iron and reliable teak as well as resin. Perfect for every season, mineral-reinforced polypropylene resin is the ultimate in casual resin outdoor furniture offering true craftsmanship, superb comfort and timeless design.

When summer finally comes and the warm sun finally decides to put in an appearance you want to be able to enjoy it right away. The last thing you want is to have to spend hours and possibly even days preparing or renovating your garden furniture. With mineral-reinforced polypropylene resin KETTLER pool furniture you don't have to.

Each piece is guaranteed to be maintenance free. Regardless of whether you put in indoors or leave it outside all winter. The nature of the special materials and the patented manufacturing processes ensure lasting good looks and serviceability year after year. So, after the all of the long dreary winter days, there really is a silver lining.

The kettler pool furniture chaise lounge and folding chair are made of mineral-reinforced polypropylene resin with special additives to protect against the sun and increase strength. It�s easy to clean all you need to do is use warm water, a mild soap and a soft brush and then hose it off. The mineral-reinforced polypropylene resin stays cool to the touch. The chair and the chaise are designed with four reclining positions and the ability to fold for storage. The chaise lounge includes built-in wheels for easy moving.

Matching decorator cushions are also available. All of the styles of kettler pool furniture are also available in cast aluminum and teak.

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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Kitchen Furniture Components

Available kitchen furniture components are very numerous and available in almost every size imaginable designed to fit everything from the smallest apartment kitchen to the largest home cooking area.

A small apartment kitchen will have only the basic items such as a stove, refrigerator, sink, counter top, storage cabinets and possibly a dish washer. Eat in kitchens are rare in apartments but some do have small breakfast nooks with a small table and two to four chairs.

Slightly larger kitchens will have additional work space with the addition of more counter tops and their accompanying base storage cabinets. Again there may be a breakfast nook, but there is rarly enough room for a full sized table.

What I would consider the average sized kitchen will have many more kitchen furniture components. There will now be room for a full sized table with six chairs. Perhaps a second oven and built in microwave. There may even be a serving cart and sometimes a computer or TV stands.

Of course there are the larger more technical kitchens that seem to be rapidly gaining in popularity. These are usually much more open spaces with all the latest and greatest kitchen furniture components. No longer is the stove top part of the stove. The burners are placed in a center island with a small vegetable washing sink and enough counter space for cooking tools and serving bowls waiting to be filled. On the outer walls are the usual kitchen furniture components, refrigerator complete with ice maker and cold water dispenser, counter top working space, base storage cabinets, over head storage cabinets, wall oven at eye level, built in microwave oven (s) and occasionally an upright freezer.

Sometimes there will be built in barbeque grills (available in either gas or charcoal), convection ovens, pizza ovens, slow roasters and any other kitchen or food preparation imaginable.
So when it comes to kitchen furniture components, you can find almost anything you ever thought you might want or need plus a whole of gadgets you didn�t even know existed available to install in your residential kitchen.

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Monday, November 23, 2009

Hawaiian Patio Furniture

Hawaiian patio furniture may be made of rattan and wicker, resin, vinyl or other kinds of wood. This style of furniture includes all of the normal items you expect in outdoor furniture such as dining tables chairs, chaise lounges and garden benches. The biggest difference in Hawaiian patio furniture is that there are also the short beach chairs and beach table in addition to the normal variety of outdoor patio style furniture.

With the beautiful climate of the islands, except during the rainy season, much of the native resident�s entertaining is done outdoors where the cool ocean breeze provides a natural cooling effect eliminating the need for air-conditioning. Because of this they developed a special high bar table and matching height chairs with a broad base so they are stable in the sandy soil or even on the beach. There are also regular bar stools that compliment the Hawaiian tiki bar that is commonly used in the islands.

The most common material used in hawaiian patio furniture is wicker and rattan. Wicker products are woven from either a natural reed or from man-made strips of synthetic materials. Rattan is a hardwood that comes from palm trees that grow as a long vine and is shaped into the frames of the furniture.

Suggestions for maintaining wicker and rattan furniture:

Natural Wicker

1. Indoor - dust often and keep away from direct heat.

2. Outdoors - spray with the hose and scrub lightly with a soft brush and let it dry in the shade. To add a lustrous shine, lemon-oil may be applied to a clean and dry surface.

Painted Wicker

1. Paint - inspect for chips or cracks in the paint. Use touch up paint to repair small nicks and scratches, but after several years use any premium quality latex or kyrlon type paint to give the furniture a fresh new look.

2. Covering - Do not use plastic to cover this type of furniture. It is recommended that you use a cotton sheet or breathable material because these will not trap moisture. Moisture can cause mold and mildew to grow in the cracks and crevasses of the weaving.

Resin or Vinyl Wicker

1. Hose often and wash with a mild detergent or commercial cleaner as needed. Use a soft brush or sponge and either air dry or dry with a soft towel.

2. Some manufacturers recommend a spray-on auto wax to protect the surface

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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Hanamint Cast Patio Furniture Cushions

hanamint cast patio furniture cushions are used to customize the outdoor patio and garden furniture manufactured by the Hanamint Corporation. The company was founded in 1993 to manufacture and distribute cast aluminum and cast iron casual outdoor patio and garden furniture and accessories to specialty retailers. The company holds many patents on different s styles of furniture and the processing methods used to produce them.

Cast aluminum is made by first building a mold, usually of a special grade of sand and then pouring the liquid metal into the mold. After the metal has cooled to room temperature the mold is removed to reveal the newly formed furniture piece.

Wrought iron is rarely made of iron anymore. It is usually made from either hot or cold rolled steel. The material comes in bars or blocks and is heated to the �white-hot� temperature that is just below the melting point of the metal. Then the metal is placed on a forge or anvil and hammered into the shape the craftsman is making.

Both processes produce a strong component that hanamint cast patio furniture cushions manufacturers use to make the frames for the outdoor patio furniture. With manufacturing facilities located in Shanghai and Jiaxing China along with distribution centers located in Las Vegas, Nevada and Greensboro, North Carolina, the Hanamint Company has had steady growth and has become the leader in this market segment.

In addition to the outdoor patio and garden wrought iron and cast aluminum furniture, they also made some pieces for use indoors in living romms and family rooms. These are built with the same construction methods are their world famous high quality outdoor products.

A large variety of replacement hanamint cast patio furniture cushions are available. There are several cushion manufacturing companies that offer a wide selection of cover fabrics and decorator patterns to allow you to completely change the way your furniture looks for a fraction of the cost of buying new furniture. These manufacturers make cushions in the exact sizes specified by hanamint to fit their furniture just as snuggly as the original cushions.

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Monday, November 16, 2009

Hampton Bay Patio Furniture

The same company that creates the extremely high quality and very stylish ceiling fans used in many home around the world also manufactures the Hampton bay patio furniture. I personally own five of their large five-blade flush mount ceiling fans. Not only are they are dependable, quiet and eminently stylish, the cut my heating and air conditioning costs as well.

The hampton bay patio furniture is high quality furniture product with thick deep-piled cushions that provide comfort and down-home elegance like all of the other Hampton Bay collection of products. All of the chairs and chaise lounges are quality crafted of 100% aluminum cast aluminum.

Each piece comes with a seven inch thick lush cushion made of durable "rain through" densified polyester fibers. These cushions have the look and feel of a regular upholstered cushion but is designed the allow moisture to flow through the material which is mold and mildew resistant. It also air dries quickly.

Hampton bay patio furniture will transform your sun room, your porch, your patio, or your deck into your own private outdoor living area. Wit a combination of stylish chairs, matching ottomans, loveseats and sofas you can create an ideal setting for winding-down in gracious style or entertaining with style. All of the hampton bay patio furniture is constructed with cast aluminum arms and frames.

There are an almost endless number of patterns and colors available for the cushions used on your hampton bay patio furniture that will enable you to create exactly the atmosphere you want to crate to turn your outdoor patio into an gracious and stylish outdoor living area where you can just relax or entertain family and friends.

For over 100 years, Telescope Casual the parent company of hampton bay patio furniture has been producing the finest in high-quality outdoor patio furniture.

In 1953, Telescope invented and patented the award-winning director chair with replaceable seat covers. A long-time Hollywood favorite, their innovative chair remains popular today for everyday use. Telescope also produces many varieties and styles of sling, cushion, strap, and folding patio furniture collections in addition to their hallmark hampton bay patio furniture.

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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Furniture Lawn Glider

For me, a furniture lawn glider conjures up visions of long lazy summer evenings at my grandmother�s house when I was a child. Grandma has this ancient wicker lawn glider. She always said her great uncle made it as a wedding present for her parents. That was the first time I had ever heard of someone making their own furniture. She and grandpa used to sit on that thing and swing back and forth almost every evening that the weather was warn enough to be outside. Of course, grandpa never stayed still for very long, so mostly it was grandma that rode on that glider.

The wicker was a sort of yellowish green color. Nobody why it was that color but we figured it must have been stained that color. That furniture lawn glider was comfortable to sit on and lots of fun to swing on. Not that us children were allowed to do that very often. Usually we got to use only if we snuck a ride. We were always getting into trouble for sneaking outside to swing on the glider. But sometimes if we did something really good, Grandma would let us swing on it. The problem was that she was afraid that we would start rough housing and break her favorite furniture lawn glider.

The glider was about five feet long and had a rectangular frame underneath it. It also had little wheels attached to the bottom of its four legs that ran on a metal track on the bottom frame to make it go back and forth. There were also four flat metal arms, two on each side, that grandpa called spring steel the would stop the seat from going to far backward or forward. I�ve always been interested in how thing work so the mechanisms controlling the movement of the furniture lawn glider fascinated me as a child.

Every time I think about Grandma�s yellowish green wicker lawn glider, I promise myself that some day I�ll buy one for my house. Maybe when I finally have grandchildren of my own, I�ll get a furniture lawn glider and rock my grandchildren on it.

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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Furniture Blonde Modern Dining

The style, furniture blonde modern dining, is a well know type of furniture that is frequently called Scandinavian Chic. If you would like to add a little Scandinavian elegance to your home this style of furniture might be just want you are looking for.

This beautiful light colored furniture will brighten up any dining room area and also server to lighten up every one�s mood especially on long cold winter nights. Surprisingly enough the light colored wood will also look and feel �cool� on those long hot sultry summer days.

The Scandinavians have creating a laid back elegance down to a science. The brilliant, beautiful blonde furniture will create an attractive contrast with the darker woods normally used in flooring. It will look great on a darker colored carpet. Chair can be purchased with and without casters to make it easier to slide up to the dining room table to partake in a sumptuous feast.

Tables come in almost every size. From a small intimate four seater to a luxurious banquet table that seats 20. The table tops are finely sanded to a velvet finish and then stained, lacquered and hand waxed until a beautiful shinning blonde finish is achieved.

High end furniture blonde modern dining tables can be found with tennon and mortised jointing, but most use metal fasteners for extra strength at strategic stress points.
Chairs are precision doweled with the chair backs having extra concealed support. China cabinets and sideboards may have dovetailed drawers or use rockers style slides for smooth operations. Most cabinet doors have magnetic closures and tempered glass to provide additional strength. Silverware drawers are felt lined so your fine silver won�t get scratched.

The Scandinavians have been producing some of the most innovative furniture designs for centuries. They are known through out the world for the quality and serviceability of their creations.

furniture blonde modern dining is available in many choices of styles and price ranges and a variety of woods. They make a excellent choice of furniture that will provide many years of functional service, aesthetic beauty and add charm to any household.

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Friday, November 13, 2009

French Country Unpainted Furniture

When you think of the area around Province and the French countryside, you almost have to think of the French country unpainted furniture that originated in that region of France. While there are many elements that contribute to the French country unpainted furniture style of decorating, the resulting look is always rustic, old-world, and welcoming. The look of the furniture fits equally well into country houses, mansions, and even city apartments. The French country unpainted furniture, with its warm and casual feel will fit beautifully into your home as well.

An important element in pieces used in French Country style decorating is the use of natural materials. The furniture is made of solid wood. The better pieces have mortise and tenon joining. The drawers usually have reinforcement blocks to prevent warping and sticking. The French country unpainted furniture can be made of almost any type of wood, but since so much of it will be painted, various trees of the pine family are normally used.

So when you finish your French country unpainted furniture, you might want to select soft color stained or ivory or creamy white paint. This finish is applied everywhere except to chair seats woven of rush give good texture and simplicity to the look.

Adding rusted looking metal furniture fittings to the French country unpainted furniture will give it a touch of authenticity straight out of the countryside. Add some matching lighting fixtures and the furniture will produce a warm color and wonderful lines.

The French country unpainted furniture comes in almost any piece you might want to buy. There are extensive choices of dining room and kitchen tables available. The china cabinets and matching sideboards are also available for most tables. Quaint kitchen cupboards are available as accessories for the kitchen tables.

In the bedroom furniture selections available, you will find headboards with matching footboards, dressers and clothing chests, armoires, coats racks and night stands in several sizes to fit any sized bedroom.

For the living room, the French country unpainted furniture pieces are coffee tables, occasional table, coat racks, telephone stands, planter stands, small chests with seats and entertainment centers.

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Thursday, November 12, 2009

White Cedar Patio Furniture

White cedar patio furniture is an excellent choice for all of your outdoor entertainment needs. Styles exist for almost any purpose from full sized dining tables to low slung chaise lounges designed for lounging poolside.

So exactly what is cedar? There are several different types of wood that are commonly called as cedar. There are two distinct type of cedar that most Americans are familiar with, that cinnamon-colored, pleasantly scented wood and the white variety that is equally scented.

The red cedar actually comes from a North American tree belonging to the cypress family commonly known as Western Red. The Western Red Cedar is a conifer and evergreen tree, similar to pine in its construction, which is native to the coastlines and the more arid regions of the Pacific Northwest.

The Western Red Cedar is a tall, majestic tree, reaching height up to 200 feet when fully grown. The Western Red Cedar has the ability to grow in both wet and arid climates and therefore, it is an incredibly hardy tree that can survive nearly anywhere it is planted.

The tree produces oil that protects it from fungi or other pathogens that would cause it to decay. Consequently, the wood from Western Red Cedar creates durable, long-lasting patio furniture. Also, the aromatic odor of the cedar tree that is pleasant to humans effectively drives away insects and snakes.

The wood falls into the softwood category. Softwood refers not to the actual softness or hardness of the wood, but to the structural characteristics of the tree. In softwood trees, the inner cells of the tree serve two purposes: to conduct water from the roots to the leaves and to provide a supporting skeleton that gives the tree rigidity. Thus, softwood trees are incredibly strong, but not nearly as heavy as some hardwood trees can be. Because Western Red Cedar is lightweight yet durable, it is ideal for use in outdoor patio furniture.

Most of the white cedar patio furniture available in the United States is made from a bleached version of red cedar.

True cedars or white cedars are a part of the pine family. True cedars grow only in Europe and central Asia primarily in the Mediterranean region and around the Himalayas.

True cedars of the old world have played a prominent part in western civilization. Most historians believe that the famous temple and house of Solomon were constructed from white cedar that probably originated in North Africa. Also, the groves of cedar that are prominent in the Lebanon Mountains, are frequently mentioned in the Bible and are also featured on the Lebanese flag.

The Himalayan branch of the cedar family also plays a prominent role in the Hindu religion of India and other central Asian countries. The Hindus, who call it the �tree of God�, venerate the cedar tree.

True cedar has most of the same qualities as the Western Red Cedar. Both trees are hardy and fragrant and possess the same hardiness and resilience against pests and rot. They are much better able to withstand harsh weather or droughts than trees grown in more temperate climates and they produce a greater number of chemicals to combat pathogens. Because of its strength and durability, cedar wood is ideal for structural timber, and it is frequently used in shipbuilding that also makes it perfect for white cedar patio furniture construction.

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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Dungeon Bedroom Furniture

Dungeon bedroom furniture is very high priced and high quality bondage furniture and equipment. In the past bondage was regulated to the back alleys and was a totally hush-hush- activity that no decent person admitted to participating in. Not so today. Bondage has become a thriving industry.

While dungeon bedroom furniture is actually furniture, it is still classified as an adult toy. These adult toys are commonly used in play-spaces, clubs, studios and professional facilities (dungeons) around the world. Commercial bondage clubs have experienced considerable growth in the past six years. As this activity steps out of the shadows, many of the individuals into this activity will now dedicate entire rooms in their homes exclusively to bondage equipment.

Most of the available dungeon bedroom furniture is sturdy, attractive and surprisingly comfortable (although I�m not totally sure why you need to be comfortable while tied or chained up.) Much of this equipment is luxuriously upholstered and finished with a professional spray system. Most seems to be reasonably priced and made to last a lifetime.

Like all commercial products, there is a wide array of accessories available for the furniture. Some of the dungeon bedroom furniture accessories are items like floggers and whips. The whip handles are individually handcrafted from exotic hardwoods or other specialty materials so no two are ever exactly alike. Torture equipment can be purchased as matched sets complete with personalization and Monogramming.

Another common accessory is Chain Mail. It is usually hand handcrafted with woven wire using medieval chain maille patterns executed in third millennium material. These items can be purchased in a wide range of stylish fantasy creations including club wear, headdresses, hand flowers, waist chains, multi-pierced earrings, anklets, locking collars, chokers and much more. There is everything a warrior or master and slave could possibly need.

One of the most popular pieces of dungeon bedroom furniture is a hanging bird-cage like swing complete with wrist and knee ties designed for a couples� intimate activities. The bondage adult entertainment industry is a legal fantasy industry allows consenting adults to act out their deepest fantasies in a safe environment so that no ever really gets injured.

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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Teak And White Birch Outdoor Furniture

Teak and white birch outdoor furniture will allow you to spend less time fussing over your outdoor furniture and devote more time relaxing in it. Good quality hardwood outdoor furniture is built to stand up to the weather and remain virtually maintenance free. Finely crafted of the highest quality, kiln-dried, solid wood, it can be painted, oiled, or left to weather to a soft silvery gray patina as it settles into your garden or deck. Each piece is usually slanted either on the top or seat to shed rain water.

Teak is a closely grained hardwood with extremely high natural oil content. This makes it hard wearing, highly resistant to rotting and almost impervious to the effects of sun, rain, frost or snow. These natural features combine to make it the ideal timber for all outdoor applications. Testament to its strength and durability is the fact that, when English battleships were being scrapped after a lifetime of service, the teak from their decks was salvaged and re-made into garden benches.

Why is teakwood always the first choice for outdoor use? This immensely stable timber has a high oil and rubber content that act as a built in natural water repellent that makes it virtually immune to rotting. Teak furniture does not require babying or covering during bad weather.

You can leave it outside for over 100 years and the furniture will still be there. Such situations are common in Europe and Asia because teak and white birch outdoor furniture
furniture weathers beautifully, season after season, and can be left untreated outside without the risk of rotting.

Although officially known as the paper birch, the tree is also called the white birch and the canoe birch. Native American Indians made their canoes and the coverings for their houses with its bark. The white birch�s wood actually worked so well that white men imitated these practices for many years. White birch bark is extremely strong and almost totally resistant to rot.

The wood of the white birch is soft, firm, and knot-free. It is also used to make hundreds of food-related products, such as chopsticks, ice-cream sticks, toothpicks, and wooden spoons and is one of the main ingredients in plywood and wood pulp.

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Friday, October 30, 2009

Custom Patio Furniture Covers

custom patio furniture covers are available in many different styles and sizes. You can find covers in everything from the almost plastic like fabrics to the ones that look and act like canvas but a much less heavy and are resistant to mold and mildew.

Unfortunately, no company makes custom patio furniture covers that are made of the same materials as car, boat and motorcycles covers. The ones are serviceable but the cheap ones are little more than glorified plastic trash bags.

If you are curious why there is even a market for cheap custom patio furniture covers it is because some patio furniture, especially rustic or custom made is not a standard size. So the only way to get fitted covers is to either make them yourself or to buy custom made covers.

Good covers need to be made of a water proof and moisture resistant material that can �breathe�. Mold and mildew will destroy fabrics and can damage wood surfaces and eat away finishes.

Most of the better custom patio furniture covers are constructed of fleece-backed vinyl. These are heavyweight, reinforced patio furniture covers that have been designed to last through years of wind, rain and snow. The weight of these patio furniture covers along with Velcro� straps will keep them secured to your furniture. Most of the companies use vinyl that is al least 7mil. Thick. To that they add anywhere from a 2 to 4 ounce fleece polypropylene backing. After the backing is compresses into a flat sheet, it is then laminated onto the vinyl. This process ensures the fleece won't
come off on the furniture.

A good custom patio furniture covers will provide protection from Ultra violet light, severe cold and polymer chemicals to ensure that the vinyl will not crack when exposed to the elements and will stay soft and pliable for the life of the covers. All of the hems should be heat sealed with grommets to keep the Velcro tie downs secure even in windy conditions.

Like I said in the beginning, I would prefer that my furniture covers be made of the same material that my motorcycle is made of. The bike can sit outside all winter and the chrome doesn�t rust, because the cover is moisture resistant but breathes so any moisture that forms from condensation inside the cover dries quickly.

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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Custom Made Asian Furniture

Custom made Asian furniture is the traditional way of earning a living in many parts of Asia. The knowledge and skills for building the furniture have been passed down from father to son for many generations. Most of the work is still done using the traditional methods. But as new technology becomes affordable to the builders, they are incorporating it into the manufacturing methods.

If the furniture is built in an area where electricity is available, many artisans use hand power tools along with the older traditional methods custom made Asian furniture comes from Indonesia, Taiwan, Mainland China and Hong Kong.

The local custom made Asian furniture craftsman produce tile works, al types of furniture, lamps and accessories that share a design style of formal simplicity. They and made of strong, natural materials. Many of the designs incorporate influences from the Chinese Ming dynasty, with a common thread of interesting form, restrained detail, and minimal expression. This style of furniture endures beyond the limitations of trends and seems to achieve a measure of timelessness. There is a "stillness" in these pieces that to achieve that end because the furniture is gracefully quiet.

Such fine quality furniture must be care for properly. I recommend the following:

Do not use silicone polish, chemicals, spray-on polish, or other commercial cleaners on your custom made Asian furniture, just dust and rub it with a dry soft cloth.

Do not use abrasive kitchen cleaners, as they will scratch the surface. For more persistent marks, rub with a chamois leather cloth dipped in warm water with a drop of vinegar added.

Wax and polish two or three times a year with any good quality paste furniture wax or beeswax.

Avoid placing your antique furniture next to radiators, hot air vents, air conditioners or open windows.

Wood is a natural living product and the furniture will 'breathe' in response to changes in the atmosphere. Rapid or extreme fluctuations in temperature, humidity or direct sunlight may cause cracking, splitting and warping. The ideal condition for furniture is a relative humidity of 40 - 70% and a temperature of 15 � 25 degrees C (59-77 degrees F)

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Monday, October 26, 2009

Custom Hardwood Furniture

Wood has long been the material of choice for quality custom hardwood furniture custom hardwood furniture for many good reasons. Wood is available in various different natural colors. Each species of tree has a distinctive grain or pattern in the wood. Trees come in different levels of hardness. Most importantly, wood can be cut and shaped into a large variety of attractive designs.

Since wood is an organic product, it is shock-resistant which means that it can suffer a hard blow without cracking or breaking custom hardwood furniture is extremely durable and generally will outlast synthetic materials. An added benefit is that, unlike synthetic materials, scratches and nicks are easy to touch up.

Custom furniture makers can be found all over the world. Most of the time they are relatively small companies that employ skilled craftsman to produce the custom made furniture. custom hardwood furniture may or may be truly unique if unique id used to mean a one-of-a-kind design. But no two pieces of custom-built furniture will be exactly alike. Since most of the work is done by hand or using machines operated by human beings, the mathematical precision and sameness that ready-made mass-produced furniture has can not be achieved. Not that you would actually want them to do that.

The craftsmen produce the furniture from either blueprints or detailed design patterns. If it is a truly unique design, they may even have to build jigs to hold the pieces while the glues dries and any other tools needed to assemble the custom hardwood furniture.

They will use a variety of hardwood depending on both what the customer wants and/or what wood is most suitable for the job if the customer has no specific preference about what wood to use. Quality custom hardwood furniture will use mortise and tenon joinery rather than screws and bolts. Properly done by a skilled craftsman, these glued joints will outlast screwed and bolted joints by decades.

The end result of having custom hardwood furniture built is that you will have a beautiful piece of furniture that you can enjoy for many years. Since the furniture lasts so long, you will probably pass it down to your children and grandchildren. So, you are not just getting a piece of furniture but a family heirloom to be treasured for generation to come.

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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Custom Furniture South Florida

Some of the custom furniture south Florida custom furniture manufacturers began their businesses by building furniture for their own homes because they did not like the quality of the furniture being offered and prices being charged for that quality at the local furniture stores. Most of these people already did wood working as a hobby and many were also employed in various aspects of the construction industry. Some of them were even cabinet makers in the automated furniture factories in the area.

Longing for something original and built with distinctive high quality materials and design, they started out by furnishing their home with their own creations. For many of these people an economic turndown in the construction industry in south Florida provided the final push for them to become full time custom furniture south Florida builders.

Tradition, craftsmanship and elegance are words more likely to be associated with European design than present-day South Florida. Also, unique is an overused and often inaccurately used word frequently employed to describe custom made furniture. The word unique means one-of-a-kind. It really doesn�t accurately describe the minor differences found in custom built furniture. Individual created or hand crafted is a more accurate description. Custom pieces are created for individual clients of the company who live throughout the world.

The craftsman will build whatever the customer wants. Most of the time what the customer wants is based on some traditional style of furniture the customer likes. The pieces are individually crafted and as such, will not be exactly alike and will have slight variations. It�s the variations that indicate that these are custom built as opposed to an assembly line piece of furniture.

So the next time you see the word unique applied to custom furniture south Florida, smile and realize it advertising hype. If you want quality furniture that is built to your exact specifications, then you want to engage the services of a custom furniture manufacturer. That way, you will get exactly what you want built made of high quality materials and lovingly crafted by skilled artisans who loved doing this kind of work enough to make a career of it.

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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Cedar Log Furniture Montana

Most cedar log furniture Montana is manufactured west of the Continental Divide in the Glacier National Park area in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains near the Canadian border. The local artisans take great pride in the quality and design of the functional, durable and lasting style of their indoor and outdoor rustic f cedar log furniture Montana.

Since the forces of nature have dried all of the logs, whether by natural air-drying of the standing dead or as a result of a forest fire, there is absolutely no moisture in the logs. The rustic quality of the cracks, also called checking, adds character to the simple beauty of the wood. Draw knives are used to hand peel the bark from the logs. The process leaves just enough color from the inner bark to give the appearance of natural texture and color contrast, giving each piece that rustic furniture appeal.

One assembly technique used in making the furniture is mortise and tenon joinery, known for its strength when performed by a master craftsmanship. A dowel or biscuit is inserted into a hole or slot in the pieces to be joined and glued into place. These glued joints will outlast bolted and screwed joints tenfold if done properly using good quality glue.

Most of the craftsmen living in this area believe in respecting and maintaining the environment. That is why the woodsmen harvest the standing dead Lodge pole Pine from the forest in an age-old fashion, without the use of heavy equipment. The trees get their name from the fact that the Indian tribes living in the area use the trees to build their lodges. Also some trees that fall due to high winds can be salvaged. As good environmental stewards, the live trees are left untouched. They leave the larger dead trees that provide food and shelter for the smaller wildlife, including birds.

Many of primitive techniques brought from the Old World by their immigrant forbearers are still used in modern manufacture of log furniture. The timeless beauty and durability of the cedar log furniture Montana can be seen throughout the world. Most of the furniture is finished with lacquer.

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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Cast Wrought Aluminum Furniture

Whenever I think of metal patio furniture, I think of the cheap flimsy chair that aunt Mary sat on that just slowly folded to the ground under her. Of course, Aunt Mary did weigh around 200 pounds, but a decent chair should be able to support that. But the metal outdoor furniture has come a long way since I was a small child. Much of the better quality outdoor patio furniture is cast wrought aluminum furniture.

The most common metal outdoor furniture is made from iron or cast wrought aluminum furniture, although the use of steel, especially stainless steel, is growing.
Metal is fashioned into furniture in one of three main ways by extrusion, casting, and welding. Extrusion forces melted metal through long pipes and forms long narrow tubes of metal, sometimes solid, but often hollow.

Casting metal involves creating a form or cast that is shaped like the finished product. Then the molten metal is poured into the form and then the form is removed when the metal has solidified. Cast pieces are almost always solid.

Forging is a process in which metal is heated and hammered into shape to produce the type of furniture known as "wrought" metal. It uses pipes and various solid pieces of the metal and joins them together by welding or bolting.

Aluminum is a silvery, lightweight and easily worked metal that never rusts. Much of the early aluminum furniture from the 1960s was made from hollow-core extrusion tubing. Such furniture was extremely lightweight but not exceedingly wind-stable nor particularly sturdy. It weight limitations were very low approximately 130 lbs. The frames bending under the weight of a 180 pound man was a common occurrence. Such flimsy pieces are still available today but I do not recommend their use. Inexpensive plastic outdoor furniture is in the same price range and somewhat sturdier.
cast wrought aluminum furniture is a much better choice for use in outdoor dining or sitting areas.

If you are considering purchasing extruded, cast or wrought aluminum items, there are a few things to look for that indicates a quality piece. Joints should be welded preferably full-circumference welds rather than bolted. If bolts are used to connect webbing, they should be made of aluminum or stainless steel. Otherwise they will begin to rust even though the main frame does not.
The best quality cast wrought aluminum furniture pieces have a powder-coated finish that determines the final color of the piece and the durability of the metal. Powder coating is a process in which colorful polyester powders are applied and then baked onto the frame.

Vinyl webbing or straps used on cast wrought aluminum furniture needs to have been processed with mildew inhibitors and ultraviolet stabilizers. Any wooden pieces mounted on aluminum frames should be treated with a waterproof finish to guarantee durability.

Suntan oils, human perspiration, car exhaust and salt spray can all eat away at the powder coating on cast wrought aluminum furniture. To ensure long life, clean the aluminum furniture at least twice a month with a solution of mild dish detergent and warm water. Rinse well. You can then apply paste car wax to any smooth finish frames for added protection.

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Monday, October 19, 2009

Carved Furniture Parts

There are millions of highly talented cabinetmakers in the world today. These skilled craftsmen create some of the most beautiful and outstanding furniture design from just a few planks of wood. Many of these pieces of furniture almost can be classified as works of art.

However, there are only a small percentage of furniture makers that also possess the skills needed to create carved furniture parts. These craftsmen must be part cabinetmaker and part sculptor.

Most of the beautiful craved furniture parts we see today are made in Mexico and other parts of Central America. In this area of the world, the local people y still use the apprentice system to train young people in all types of skilled work. As a result, the artisans who create the carved furniture parts studied two crafts and, in most case, completed two separate apprenticeships�one in cabinetmaking and one in sculpting.

A skilled carver can take an already unique but plain piece of furniture and using his imagination and artistic ability create carvings that will turn it into a work of functional art. Each piece is beautiful to look at as well as a useful piece of furniture.

These extraordinary hand-carved benches, trunks, coat racks, and other home accessories can add a touch of beauty and elegance to your d�cor. Each item with its carved furniture parts is one-of-a-kind, unique and hand-crafted by skilled artisans.
It is comforting to know that each piece is created with the ancient skills that have been passed down from generation to generation in this part of the world in this community of artists. The resulting work produces a timeless, classic and beautiful piece of furniture for you to enjoy and someday leave as an heirloom to your descendants.

Carving of all sorts is available on the furniture. Many of the artisans will accept custom orders and will build according to your design. One particular artist only makes ball claw or lion's paw feet and other ornate carving to be added to bed or gate post or banisters on either newly constructed furniture or existing furniture being refinished and adding carved furniture parts

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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Wood Burl Furniture

Exactly what is wood burl furniture? Well, a burl is a wart like, deformed looking growth on a tree trunk, root or occasionally even the branches of a tree. Burls can be caused by several different thinks. A burl can result from some type of injury to the tree, as a result from some type of infection just under the bark, or the existence of an unformed bud that for some reason did not grow properly.

Many people compare burls to cancer sells in humans because the tree cells divide and grow excessively and unevenly. Burls are sometimes called tumors on wood, although warts would be a more accurate comparison because trees with burls are otherwise healthy and continue to grow normally.

Continued growth follows the contour of the original deformity and produces all kinds of twists, swirls and knots in the wood fiber. Usually this results in wood that has a spectacular pattern that can be used to create stunningly beautiful wood burl furniture. Dormant buds tens to create "eyes" in the wood that make the burl even more spectacular when worked.

Burl wood is usually darker than the rest of the tree and in some cases may be a totally different color altogether. Because of the diverse grain direction, burl wood cannot be relied on for strength. That is why burls are prized for beauty and chosen for the more decorative items that includes most typical home or office wood burl furniture applications.

Burl wood can be difficult to dry without cracking. Sometimes there are bark inclusions in burls, and also sometimes gum pockets, either of which can cause surface defects when the burl is worked. In some species of wood, gum pockets are common in any burl found on the tree.

Burls come in all sizes and shapes from golf-ball sized and smaller to hundreds of pounds of massive growth on the side of a large tree. Woodsmen have reported burls as large as 4 feet by 8 feet in size. Many trees have been discovered with hundreds of small burls. On really large trees like the giant redwoods, burls commonly exist that are large enough to be used to create veneer. The good part is that they can be removed without harming an otherwise healthy tree.

"Cat's Paw" and "cluster burl" are a couple of commonly identified types of burl figures that are used in wood burl furniture. Cat's paw is frequently found in cherry and cluster burls are found in a number of species of trees.

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Friday, October 16, 2009

Unfinished Wood Furniture Desk

An unfinished wood furniture desk is one of the more common ready-to-finish furniture available for purchase that gives you a wide range of options so you can match your new piece with the color and finish of your existing furniture. Most unfinished furniture is made of pine or oak. Although I have seen some that is constructed of plywood with a thin veneer of the more expensive woods.

Solid wood means that all of the exposed parts of the furniture are made of solid boards. They can be made of any kind of either softwood or hardwood lumber. No plywood, veneers or particle boards are used. When solid boards are used in furniture construction, they are glued together side by side along the edges. Usually a number of less wide boards are used to make the wood surface more stable and reduce the chance of warping due to excessive moisture. By following a seam to the end you can always identify a solid board because you will find the "end" grain. Many veneers are glued over the edges to look like solid wood, but they will always be faced on the end and show no end grain.

Just keep in mind that apiece of furniture that is advertised as "all-wood furniture" is not necessarily solid wood. A veneer can help you achieve the look you desire at a cost lower than solid lumber. In fact, some of the more exotic woods such as roble are only available as veneers.

Artificial veneers can be overlaid on plywood or particleboard and can provide an inexpensive way to get a more expensive look for your unfinished wood furniture desk. A plywood core is lighter, less expensive and more forgiving if damaged, but it can swell if it gets wet. If damaged, particleboard, which is made from a mixture of glue and sawdust that is shaped into boards and then baked, will often break off because the material is so hard it cannot absorb a shock. .
Veneer is a thin layer of wood that is applied in sheets over underlying layers of plywood or particleboard. Plywood is made of thin layers of solid wood glued over each other with grains running at 90-degree angles to produce a strong core. A "real wood" veneer is often glued on top.

Drawer construction is generally a good indication of overall furniture quality. Some drawers have no guides. The lack of guides allows more "play" and can cause the drawer to bind when it is opened and closed. Others have wood-to-wood center guides, nylon-to-wood center guides, side-mounted roller guides or center-mounted metal guides. Roller guides and center-mounted metal guides normally have built-in drawer stops, and some have lifetime warranties for drawer operation.

So always look for good construction because the quality unfinished wood furniture desk you purchase today can be used for a lifetime.

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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Teak Furniture Irvine California

There are many sources for teak furniture irvine California . Teak has been used for centuries to create some of the strongest and most beautiful furniture in the world.

Because of its durability and its resistance to rot, teak has long been a popular timber tree and a valuable natural resource. Ancient civilizations in India and Malaysia have long known about the benefits and usefulness of teak wood teak is also a very flexible wood that makes it relatively easy to work with.

The strength of teak wood has made it a favorite of shipbuilders since the middle ages. Teak is superior to all other woods for shipbuilding and has been used for that purpose since the beginning of shipbuilding. Most of the keel beams of the wooden were made exclusively from teak. Teak also has the ability to withstand rust when combined with metal fasteners. This feature alone made teak invaluable to shipbuilders.

Teak can maintain its strength and durability for so long that the teak floor planks from old wooden ships were recycled into park benches for European cities. Today, there are still some teak benches in English towns that are over 100 years old.

Some time during the late 1800s, teak began to be used for outdoor furniture. A favorite construction material in its native India, teak was quickly exported to Victorian England by English traders living in India. Teak benches and chairs quickly became the perfect compliment to an English gentleman�s garden.

teak is still the most often used wood for shipbuilding. It is also used for indoor wood flooring and other general construction purposes. And, of course, teak is used to create durable and beautiful outdoor patio furniture. Teak furniture irvine California high oil content makes it ideal for outdoor furniture. Teak furniture has long been considered to be the �official� patio furniture in several ski resorts in Colorado and Utah, and it continues to be the favored wood for all construction projects requiring unbeatable durability and rustic elegance.

A quick review the unique attributes of teak furniture irvine California that make it so ideal for patio furniture:

Tempered by extreme conditions in the tropical rainforests of Central Asia, teak is incredibly strong and will resist any and all weather conditions.

Similar to cedar, teak wood is saturated with natural oils that protect it from boring insects and fungi. The wood is so permeates with oil that it remains even when is dead so that it is also resistant to the eroding effects of water.

It is valued everywhere for its dark elegance and beauty.

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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Washington DC Furniture Leather Repair

Washington dc furniture leather repair will show you the best way to take care of your fine leather surfaces. Leather was the first fabric ever used for upholstery. And it's still one of the most durable and attractive covering that money can buy.

Leather furniture is the ultimate image-maker. Whether it's in the executive suite, or in the den, leather furniture says that you have arrived and have impeccable taste. It says that you have achieved a level of success.
You know how soft and supple fine leather is supposed to be. You know how great is looks and what a pleasure it is to run your hand over a smooth leather surface.

In order to get that look and feel, many leathers have little or no protective finish. This allows them to dry out when exposed to temperature and humidity changes. Normal wear and tear and accidents can also quickly dull, stain and mar beautiful leather. Only regular care can preserve the original qualities you love to enjoy.

So, how do you care for your leather products? There are many excellent leather care products on the market. Go to the your local leather specialty store or name brand motorcycle shop to purchase the best leather care products available.

I also strongly suggest you avoid all of the following:
Never clean with soaps or detergents - Soaps and detergents can cause leather's finish to break down and the material to dry out and crack and, in some cases, remove the color.

Never use oils or silicone products- With continued use, oils may darken leather, or soften the finish, causing it to peel or wear off. Silicones cause leather to become shiny and slippery, attract dust more readily and make repair and refinishing impossible.
Never use "home remedies" - Damages like ink stains or oil stains should be handled by a professional leather care service. Doing it yourself can cause irreversible damage.

Avoid direct sunlight - Finishes can fade and degrade when exposed to ultraviolet rays.
Avoid extreme temperatures - Placing leather furniture near heat or air conditioning vents will hasten the drying process.

Remove spills immediately - Use absorbent paper towel or a damp cloth to remove liquid spills. For grease or oil, use talcum powder or corn starch to absorb the spill. Never use water on grease or oil spills.

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Friday, October 9, 2009

Unfinished Furniture Boca Raton

Purchasing unfinished furniture boca raton is the best for to get top quality furniture at rock bottom prices. Of course, you have to have some woodworking knowledge and be good at working with your hands. When you buy unfinished furniture, the final steps in the construction process are left for you to so.

Each piece of solid wood furniture is unique and has its own grain pattern and color, according to the character of the wood. Light and dark areas blend during the finishing process to produce the uniquely attractive look of real wood furniture.

Although you can paint or varnish unfinished furniture boca raton, the most commonly used finishing processes is staining and top coating. First you must prepare the wood surface. Most unfinished pieces need additional fine sanding (less than 180-grit paper) before finishing to avoid roughness that will show when the stain is applied. Always sand in the direction of the grain. If you used wood fill on minor imperfections, sand the areas of fill well or the stain might not be properly absorbed.

Stains contain colored pigments that often settle to the bottom of the can. Mix the stain thoroughly before applying. It may be worth a trip to the paint store to get them to put the stain on the mixing machine.
Most people recommend using foam brushes to apply the stain to unfinished furniture boca raton. I like to use two sponges�one to apply the stain and one to wipe off the excess. I wear rubber gloves because my method is messy but I find it easier to achieve a more even color that way.

Read and follow the manufacturer�s directions. They know their products and will tell you how to get the best results. Do a test by staining an inconspicuous area. If the stain looks evenly coated and you like the look, one coat staining is adequate. If the stain is too light or uneven, a second coat of stain may be needed before the topcoat is applied.

Stain one surface at a time, and do the corners and uneven areas first. As you stain each area, wipe with the grain to remove excess stain, and then move to another area. As you finish, go back over the entire piece with a clean rag to pick up all excess stain and wipe the surface dry.

Most clear topcoats are designed to be wiped on not brushed. Use a clean rag or new sponges. I like to use three coats of topcoat on all visible areas and a single coat on the unseen areas. After the topcoat is thoroughly dry, use very fine #600 sandpaper to remove the �fuzz� and then wipe each sanded area with a tack cloth. I like to finish the unfinished furniture boca raton off with paste furniture wax.

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Monday, October 5, 2009

Seating For 6 Patio Furniture

Seating for 6 patio furniture makes a great choice for an outstanding outdoor entertainment area for your patio or deck. Cedar is the choice of outdoor furniture lumber in the United States because it is native to the region, making it relatively plentiful and inexpensive. Cedar wood is also used because of the natural oil impregnated in the wood that make it resistant to rotting and boring insects.

Cedar�s slightly reddish color and its strong but naturally pleasant odor combine to add to the enjoyment of the seating for 6 patio furniture. In fact, we people realized that the cedar odor acted as a natural insect repellant, many people started to grind the wood into chips and use in closets, drawers and other storage areas to ward of moths and other fabric destroying insects.

Many people prefer to allow their cedar seating for 6 patio furniture to "naturally age" outdoors without using any stain or finishing materials such water sealers. Over time the untreated wood will lose colorful tones and the wood will slowly weather to a handsome silver-gray and at the same time, the grain of the wood will become slightly raised.

Since most cedar outdoor furniture is fastened with zinc hardware, left completely natural this silver-gray color will eventually be highlighted by darker streaks formed from the reaction between the cedar resin and the zinc hardware. If the dark streaks are not for you, we suggest using a simple wood sealer to prevent them from appearing. Even using a sealer, the wood will still eventually turn sliver but the grain won�t become raised.

However, if you would like to preserve the colorful natural reddish tones of the freshly sanded cedar seating for 6 patio furniture simply use a good quality stain on cedar furniture. There is a wide variety of colors to choose from that makes it very easy to match your existing decor.

personally, I do not recommend painting cedar seating for 6 patio furniture because the natural oils in the wood tend to make the paint peel rather quickly and can turn your purchase into something requiring frequent maintenance.

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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Sanibel Patio Furniture

sanibel patio furniture comes from the island of Sanibel in Florida. Sanibel Island is a barrier island off the south west coast of Florida in the Gulf of Mexico. It is located near the Fort Meyers area. The island was the site of a small colony started by the Florida Peninsular land Company in 1832. Most Sanibel Island residents believe that the name of the island comes from a mispronounced version of the name Santa Isabella, said to have been given the island by the pirate Jose Gaspar to honor the Queen of Spain.

Although the colony wasn't very successful, 13 residents of the island petitioned for a lighthouse in late 1833. No action was taken on the request for 45 years until the town of Punta Rasa developed into a busy cattle shipping point in the late 1870's. Then after world war II, the island became the headquarters for the national wildlife refuge.

Today, the island is a popular tourist attraction. The influx of tourists to the island after World War II resulted in the distinctive sanibel patio furniture style that was created by the local craftsman living in the area to be used by the hotels and restaurants on the island. Their lounge chairs became world famous and became a popular style in hotels and restaurants that is still in use and being sold around the world

The sanibel patio furniture lounge is manufactured in two different styles. The regular Sanibel has an adjustable back that can go from horizontal to nearly upright. The Adjustable Sanibel has both an adjustable back and seat section. The seat section can adjust to three separate elevations behind your knees. Arms are optional for both styles of lounge. A nice addition that can be custom ordered for sanibel patio furniture lounge is a pull out tray table that can be attached on sliders beneath the seat; you may slide it out to either the right or left. When not needed, the pull out tray can simply be left in place under the seat.

sanibel patio furniture is a comfortable and practical alternative to the common flat chaise lounge and it is an absolute necessity for anyone with back problems.

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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Wood Patio Set Furniture

A wood patio set furniture is the perfect accessory for an household that like to entertain in the backyard on the deck or patio. Many styles of specially designed chairs, tables and lounges are available in a wide variety of material s and colors.

The better woods used in the construction of outdoor furniture consist of cedar, teak and white birch. There three are the material of choice because all of them are resistant to rot and boring insects because of the natural oils that impregnate the wood. The oils not only protect it but can also act as a natural water barrier. These woods are almost as impervious to the natural elements as the resins and plastics used in the cheaper outdoor furniture products and will actually last longer.

Most of the outdoor furniture available on the market are made from newly harvested and processed wood. But, outdoor wood patio set furniture can be made from recycled lumber taken from boats and building that have been torn down or are being renovated. These recycled woods are stripped and refinished and they rather surprisingly can provide you with the look and performance of newly constructed wood furniture but with considerably less maintenance and cost.

wood patio set furniture is perfect for a deck, patio, or backyard and will provide you, your family, and guests with many years of comfortable service. There are Adirondack Chairs and all of the table and foot stools common accessories available in the recycled products.

This furniture is skillfully crafted in the United States using good solid high quality woods harvested from the scrap heap. It is the same select wood chosen by craftsmen for its beauty and durability. The only difference is this wood has proven it lasting nature by surviving long after it original product was no longer useful.

The best know example of using recycled wood was in Victorian England. As they dismantled old outdated wooden sailing ships, the planks used for the deck floors was taken and converted in park and garden benches, many of which are still in existence today. A good quality raw material can be reused time and time again.

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Friday, September 25, 2009

Wood Furniture Patterns Cradles

For the do it yourselfer, getting wood furniture patterns cradles is the cheapest and most rewarding way for them to get a cradle for the new baby. Blueprints that are called patterns are available for a large assortment of items that any competent home hobby wood worker can create in his basement or garage workshop.

Fathers, grandfathers, uncles and older brothers have been building baby cradles since the beginning of time. It is one way the men of the family can feel that they are an integral part of bringing the new baby into the family. Think how much pride these builders will feel each time they look at the wood furniture patterns cradles they lovingly built in their workshop with their own hands.

The child the cradle was built for will want to use the cradle built by daddy or grandpa or uncle Harry for their own children someday. This handmade wood furniture patterns cradles will become a treasured family heirloom that will be passed down from generation to generation.

The country cradle is one of our most popular and trusted woodworking patterns that is available for the hobbyist to build that much needed nursery room baby cradle.

The country cradle base has good feet for stability and the dowels are set apart at federally regulated intervals for safety. The classic pendulum design rocks the baby to sleep with the push of a hand. Woodworkers of all skill levels find this cradle a very "do-able" project with the full size patterns available for purchase. They also usually have a list of the necessary materials, a full set of instructions, blueprint style diagrams, and photos to make the task easier and therefore more enjoyable.

Another popular wood furniture patterns cradles is the hooded style of cradle that was used back in colonial America by busy farm wives so they could keep the little one nearby but not close enough to what they were working on that could be injured. This style of cradle can swing freely on its base so it easy to rock the baby to sleep or you can remove the entire cradle, set it on the floor and let it rock on its own rockers, a feature that makes it a portable bay carrier.

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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Rustic Furniture Harrisville

Every furniture style makes a statement. Log and rustic furniture Harrisville speaks to our history back to a time when people built their own furniture from whatever raw materials nature provided. Early North American pioneers built log and twig furniture out of necessity because there were no �factories� or established craftsman around to build it for them. It was easier to use fallen logs, branches and twigs to build a chair than it was to cut down a large tree with a hand axe and the try to split it along it length.

rustic furniture Harrisville is bold and yet warm. It can be either massive or graceful with conventional lines or something totally different. A rustic table might look like it grew out of the floor. Rustic furniture allows us to nature into our homes. The style is as different as each individual craftsman but on the whole, rustic furniture Harrisville has simplicity, elegance, boldness, a sense of history and natural beauty.

rustic furniture Harrisville has been described as "furniture with a soul�.
Rustic furniture pulls together all of the elements of nature. Unlike most other furniture manufacturers, rustic furniture craftsmen often rely on hand tools more than machines. The drawknife and spokeshave are essential tools for the log craftsmen because they are used to peel the logs and also make the tenons. However, there are automated tenon makers that look and act like a pencil sharpener and cut the tenon as the work piece is pushed into it. They fit on the end of a power drill or hand-held brace. Handsaws, chisels, hatchets and other hand tools are found in every rustic furniture maker�s toolbox. These craftsmen use special tools and inventive designs to create functional furniture that is as appropriate in a backwoods cabin as it is in a contemporary home or office.

Utilizing recycled barn wood and standing trees or twisted juniper roots and willow weavings, rustic furniture Harrisville makes a personal connection. It evokes a memory of an earlier era when people fashioned their furniture from nature to serve their needs. A distressed appearance of some rustic pieces adds character, charm and a individuality not found in other furniture styles. Rustic furniture is warm, creative, and practical and it speaks to our appreciation of human genius and resourcefulness.

The term "rustic furniture" means many things to different people. This category is wide-ranging because it encompasses log furniture, willow and twig designs, western or southwestern styles, Shaker and early American styles. To me, rustic furniture is natural, hand-made freeform artwork."

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Monday, September 21, 2009

Roble Wood Patio Furniture

Roble wood patio furniture is made from the roble tree. The tree is a handsome canopy tree that grows deep in the rain forests of South America. Roble trees can reach a height of 90 feet with a trunk diameter of about 2 feet in its natural rainforest. Lumber company reserve raised trees are usually somewhat smaller. Most commercially grown roble trees produce useable board lengths of between 35 to 50 feet. Roble trees are native to Argentina.

Because of the natural beauty of its wood, roble trees are becoming increasingly rare outside of national parks and lumber company reserves. The sapwood is a beautiful pale rose in color. But the heartwood color can range from a golden brown to a dark chestnut brown. The wood has a medium luster and texture with a straight to closely interlocked grain.

Roble wood slices easily and is used extensively for making veneers. The wood has excellent machining and turning qualities. It glues well. It is easy to get a beautiful patina and it also polishes well. Roble can be worked by machine and it responds well to hand tools. In other words, roble wood is a cabinetmaker�s idea of the perfect wood.

Roble�s strength is similar to teak so it has bee used extensively for boat building. It qualities also make it an excellent choice for fine furniture and cabinetry, fine decorative and figured veneer, flooring, interior trim, millwork, and balusters.

To maintain the smooth finish of your roble wood patio furniture and the golden brown color of your roble wood interior furniture, you will need to sand the furniture regularly. To prolong the period of time needed between sanding, teak or linseed oil may also be applied.

If you choose to apply teak or linseed oil, apply every 6 months, or just follow the oil container directions. Again, if you choose to maintain the smooth golden brown finish of your new roble wood furniture, this method requires some maintenance for upkeep such as sanding & reapplication of oil. Using oil does not prolong the life of roble wood. Teak or linseed oil, along with sanding, simply maintains the golden brown color of your roble wood patio furniture.

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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Patio Furniture

In many parts of the world, decks and patios serve as outdoor rooms where we entertain guests or just spend time relaxing during the times of year when local weather conditions permit. As a result, practically all of the common living room and dining room furniture pieces can be found on a typical patio.

You can find everything from imaginable designed and built for outdoor use such as garden chairs, love seats, settees, lounge chairs, tables, rockers, gliders, benches, swings and outdoor wet bars available as patio furniture.

While a large variety of materials are used to make patio furniture, patio furniture is most commonly available in all of the following materials: Cast Aluminum, Wicker, Teak, Cedar and Pine. Each of these materials has its own unique features and �personality�.

Cast aluminum is a strong, non-rusting, lightweight material that can transform a patio from ordinary into a splendid outdoor dining area. Because of its durability cast aluminum patio furniture can be left right where it is when the weather turns cold.

Wicker patio furniture is both comfortable and versatile with a look of casual elegance. A wicker rocking chair or chaise lounge can bring up memories of long summer evenings spent on the front porch. Although strong, wicker should be covered during cold or extremely wet weather in most climates.

Teak is structurally strong, has a beautiful almost exotic pattern and a pleasant aroma making it an excellent choice for patio furniture. It�s hard to beat the look of a teak dining table and you can add either traditional chairs or more the roomy benches to create a comfortable, but elegant outdoor dining area.

Cedar patio furniture is both beautiful and naturally resistant to insect damage and decay. No wonder it is commonplace for cedar patio furniture to survive harsh northern winters year after year. It has both durability and good looks.

Treated pine patio furniture offers distinct advantages over other traditional patio furniture materials. It is not only insect and rot resistant but is also cheaper than other woods. Even better, it is typically made from plantation grown pine, which is an easily renewable source so it is environmentally friendly as well.

To protect your investment, it is recommended that you use covers during cold weather to keep your patio furniture looking beautiful longer.

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Friday, September 18, 2009

Wood Furniture Parkland

Wood furniture parkland is garden furniture used on lawns outside of public buildings and in park areas. I use a garden bench on the concrete apron of my driveway just to have someplace comfortable to sit down when in that area of the yard. Wood furniture parkland tables and chairs used outside in gardens should be stylish, comfortable and durable. Good quality garden furniture should be able to be left out all year.

Garden furniture is somewhat different from patio, beach and general lawn furniture and usually consists of garden benches, seats, garden tables and picnic tables. Many restaurants will add a few pieces of garden furniture to the outside of their business for patrons to sit while waiting in line for indoor seating. Buffets style restaurants, hamburger and ice cream stands provide wood furniture parkland it as an option to indoor eating if the weather is nice.

Wood furniture parkland may be constructed entirely of wood or may use a combination or wrought iron and word construction or stone and wood construction. When made entirely of wood, natural cedar is the wood of choice. Cedar is a hard wood that contains abundant natural oil that provides protection from boring insects, fungus, mildew and other form of rot. Red cedar grows on the North American continent and white cedar grows on the Eurasian continent.

A popular style of wood furniture parkland is the wrought iron and wood combination. With this style the frame is made of wrought iron. The seat, backrest and tabletops are constructed of wood. Cedar or teak is normally used to provide long lasting wear and natural resistance to rotting and boring insects. The wooden stats may be almost touching or they may have a couple of inches of space between them. The slates are bolted onto the wrought iron frame. This combination creates a sturdy, dependable, long lasting and comfortable piece of wood furniture parkland.

The store and wood construction of wood furniture parkland is mostly used in public and private parks. Here the base of the table and benches is either stone or concrete. The seats, backrests and tabletops are made of wood. Again teak and cedar are the woods of choice since they resist rotting and do not need to be painted or stained so they require very little maintenance.

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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Replacement Cushions For Outdoor Furniture

One of the most important items that need to be taken into consideration when you buy replacement cushions for outdoor furniture is the cushion care and maintenance.

A good quality outdoor furniture cushion should last for several years if it is cleaned according to the manufacturer�s recommendations regularly and stored indoors in a dust and mildew free environment during the winter. Cleaning methods and frequency depend on the fabric used for the replacement cushions for outdoor furniture and the kind of wear and tear that the cushions have received.

Following a few simple care and cleaning steps so the fabric will maintain its good looks and serviceability for many years to come can maintain most of the replacement cushions for outdoor furniture available on the market today. The special polyester filling has been scientifically engineered for outdoor use and is designed to allow water to pass freely through the fiber.

One of the best ways to keep fabrics looking good and to delay the need for deep cleanings is to hose the fabrics off on a monthly basis with clear water to prevent dirt from becoming deeply imbedded in the fabric and eliminate the need for more frequent vigorous cleanings.

In most environments, replacement cushions for outdoor furniture will need a thorough cleaning every two to three years. When it's time for a thorough cleaning, the replacement cushions for outdoor furniture can be cleaned while still on the furniture or if size permits they can be removed from the outdoor furniture and washed in a large tumble type washing machine. Agitator type washing machine may cause the fabric to tear.

When cleaning replacement cushions for outdoor furniture fabrics by hand, it is important to:

�Brush off all loose dirt.

�Hose the cushions down thoroughly.

�Always use a natural soap (never use harsh detergent).

�Water temperature should never be more than 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

�Always use a soft bristle brush to clean the fabric.

�Rinse all fabric thoroughly.

�Air dry only. Never apply heat to replacement cushions for outdoor furniture.

If stubborn stains persist, consult the manufacture�s instructions that came with the cushions or check it out on their website for the recommended methods of stain removal.

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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Refinish Wood Veneer Furniture

Just keep in mind before you start to refinish wood veneer furniture that a piece of furniture that is advertised as "all-wood furniture" is not necessarily solid wood. Veneer is a thin layer of wood that is applied in sheets over underlying layers of plywood or particleboard.

Plywood is made of thin layers of solid wood glued over each other with grains running at 90-degree angles to produce a strong core. Particleboard is made from a mixture of glue, wood chips and sawdust that is shaped into boards and then baked to assure uniform drying. A "real wood" veneer is often glued on top.

A veneer can help you achieve the look you desire at a cost lower than solid lumber. In fact, some of the more exotic woods such as roble are only available as veneers. Artificial veneers can be overlaid on plywood or particleboard and can provide an inexpensive way to get a more expensive look for your unfinished wood furniture desk. A plywood core is lighter, less expensive and more forgiving if damaged, but it can swell if it gets wet. If damaged, particleboard will often break off because the material is so hard it cannot absorb a shock.

To refinish wood veneer furniture you must be extremely careful in how you remove the existing finish. Remember the real wood veneer is a very thin (0.1 to 0.3 thick) piece of wood. It is better to use chemical strippers because they do not remove any of the underlying wood surfaces. After the all of the finish is gone and the wood has completely dried, you need to do a very light sanding with fine grain sandpaper.

You just want to be sure the wood is smooth to the touch. I recommend hand sanding for veneers because electric sanders can easily remove too much of wood surface and let the underlying plywood or particleboard show through.

The next step needed to refinish wood veneer furniture is to apply stain. I like to use two sponges�one to apply the stain and the other to wipe off the excess. I find I can get a smoother, more even color with this method. When the stain has completely dried, it is time to apply the topcoat finish. After that dries, a couple of coats of good paste furniture will give your newly refinish wood veneer furniture a lustrous shine.

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