Friday, January 29, 2010

Irish Bedroom Furniture

When the first Irish settlers came to America they brought all of the traditions and know how needed to create a unique style of furniture referred to as Irish bedroom furniture. This furniture is built using high quality pine wood coupled with an exquisite hand-waxed finish. The bedroom furniture usually consists of pine beds, dressers, wardrobes, chests of drawers, cabinets etc.

Irish master craftsmen go to excessive lengths to ensure that each elegant and durable solid pine products is structurally sound and built for durability. Each individual item is sculpted into practical and stylish pieces that require a minimum of four working days to produce.

Irish bedroom furniture is a timeless simple style of furniture that it carefully constructed country furniture made from various types of pine built by craftsmen using the designs of the past but manufactured with precision and attention to detail. Irish bedroom furniture combines the rustic charm you would expect to find in a country farmhouse with the fine craftsmanship and quality materials you would want to use in your dining room.

Many of those early immigrants saw the potential of the densely forested areas along the east coast of America. The settled in New England and opened case goods manufacturing facilities. Many becdame successful companies whose names are household words.

The traditional furniture manufactures looked down on making anything out of �soft woods�. These Englishman considered the Irish to be ignorant, lazy and �beneath� them. Many of the English hardwood manufacturers would cut down the pine trees and pay the Irish immigrants to haul them away. These ignorant and lazy immigrants built their very successful businesses on the �free� raw materials of the arrogant English and Scotsman.

Irish bedroom furniture is a simple yet functional design utilizing rounded corners with dovetailed and mortised joints. But using hardware bracing where the softer wood needs it to maintain strength. Some is left �rustic� in appearance while other are sanded to a silky finish that stained and hard waxed to a lustrous shine. In all cases, Irish bedroom furniture is an attractive, practical and lower cost alternative to the higher priced hardwood styles.

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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Hi-tech Bedroom Furniture

Lovers of no-frills home fashion will be wowed by the beautiful, clean lines of the hi-tech bedroom furniture that is becoming a modern classic. The modern furniture style was founded in Denmark. this stunning style of furniture uses "simplicity, honesty and function" as a benchmark for all their products which are proof that good design doesn't have to sacrifice practicality.

If a streamlined wardrobe system looks fantastic, it also features a host of sensible storage solutions inside; if an armchair is a classic beauty, you can bet its contours hug you perfectly when you sit in it.

There has been almost no other country that has produced a the sheer number of design classics as Denmark. Two of the newest �classics� are the Evo and the Nest chair.

The Evo is patterned on the all-embracing shape of the baseball glove. Enveloping the body, you can sit as comfortably with your legs tucked up for a total relaxation just as easily as you can with your feet firmly on the ground. The Nest chair has the same cocooning principles, but offers a more upright stance.

In the bedroom, a new range of headboards can be upholstered in all fabric options, including leather. There are accessories ranging from no-nonsense glassware to organic wood that reflect the craftsmanship qualities of good Scandinavian design that is simple and stunning.
The bedroom furniture designs include a range of eclectic headboards, classical headboards and nature themed headboards. Customs designed headboards for interior designers as �functional art� and for those who are redecorating their homes with an individual style are available. So are the custom furniture accessory items for the bedroom such as mirrors, lights and wall sculptures. Each headboard is beautifully sculptured and designed to create a very unique bedroom for each individual. Each pieces of furniture is crafted using a range of unusual materials such as exotic timbers, veneers, artwork, sculpture, beads, subtle backlighting and our own cast resin creations.

You can choose from our bedroom headboard designs or create your own ... custom furniture orders are relished. Hi-Tech bedroom furniture is versatile, economical and quality built to be attractive and to provide years of dependable service at an exceptional value.

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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Heirloom Dining Room Furniture

The dictionary defines and heirloom as �A valued possession passed down in a family through succeeding generations.� Therefore, heirloom dining room furniture is usually good quality antique furniture that has been owned by a single family for many years. It not uncommon for a elderly family member to have valuable antiques that are left to their children. In many cases, the children will only want to keep one or two items to remind them of their parents or grandparents. They will then have the furniture appraised and offer it for sale to collectors.

The first step is to find a qualified appraiser. There are organizations that certify appraisers in many different categories. You will need an expert in antique furniture. Usually the most accurate appraisals are done in person. Wither you take the item to the appraiser or the appraiser comes to you if the objects are large or heavy. Most of the time the appraiser will come to you to appraise heirloom dining room furniture.

There are appraisers who do appraisals over the Internet. The experts rely on the owner sending several detailed high resolution photographs and a third party description of the piece. Some will only accept film based photos because of the problems the ability to alter digital photos pose for liability actions for the appraiser. Others require a disinterested third party, who doesn�t have to be an expert, examine the object and testify that the photos and description are accurate.

If the heirloom dining room furniture is really valuable, I would go with the live in person appraisal. In may cost a little more up front but in the long run you should be able to get top dollar for your heirlooms because the appraiser will certify the pieces after actual physical examination.

Many people�s ancestors had very little money or jewels to leave to their descendants. Most probably never even realized that the beautiful hand made furniture they lovingly cared for over the years would be a valuable legacy. Many of their descendants will keep the heirloom dining room furniture left to them as keepsakes while others will sell them to collectors and use the proceeds to buy things that some day may become heirlooms to their descendants.

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Monday, January 25, 2010

Hardwood Furniture Online

The internet has changed the way people shop. Among the many categories of products available for purchase is hardwood furniture online. Many people start their shopping on the internet. Here they do all of the advance research into the different products available looking for the product that will best meets their needs. The next step is to find the best price for their choice. Then depending on what he product is, they may visit the retailer closest to them to actually see, fell and have the product demonstrated.

After all, are you willing to buy a mattress without laying on it at least one time before your buy it? If the price plus tax in the store isn�t too much greater than the online price plus the shipping cost, they may buy right then. But if there is a significant difference in price and they are willing to wait for delivery, the shopper may return home and order the hardwood furniture online.

Hardwood has always been a favorite material for making furniture, and for good reason. The wood is available in various colors, grains and hardness. It can be cut and shaped into a large variety of attractive designs. Wood is shock-resistant and extremely durable and usually will outlast most synthetic materials. In addition, scratches and nicks are easy to touch up.

Wood has lasting value. Genuine hardwood furniture online may cost more in the beginning, but many styles often increase in value as it is handed down from one generation to another.

You may not be familiar with every type of wood, but all make quality furnishings of various types. Here is a list of the kinds of wood commonly used to make hardwood furniture online.

Alder - a hardwood from the Pacific Northwest. It has consistent color and takes stain well. It ranks third behind oak and pine as the wood most commonly used furniture. Alder gives the look of many fine hardwoods at a reasonable price.

Beech - grows primarily in the Northeast and Canada. It is a cream-colored hardwood often used for sporting equipment, such as baseball bats. It has an open grain pattern similar to that of oak, and takes stains well.

Birch - a fine-grained hardwood that grows primarily in the Northeast and Canada. White in color, it takes any color of stain well.

Maple - especially abundant in the eastern U.S. It is a very light-colored hardwood with a very even grain texture. Eastern maples are generally harder than western maples because of the colder winters and shorter growing seasons. Both are very durable and take any color of stain well.

Oak - the wood most commonly used for hardwood furniture online. It is a very hard, open-grain wood that comes in red or white varieties. Red oak, which has a pinkish cast, is the more popular of the two. White oak has a slight greenish cast. Both woods stain well in any color.

Parawood - from the Far East is used for much of the furniture made in that part of the world. The wood is as hard as maple or ash and takes a very even stain. It is yellow in color, with a grain similar to mahogany.

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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Handpainted Custom Furniture Design

hand painted custom furniture design is becoming extremely popular among the more affluent members of American society. Local artists will paint any of the designs they offer or will do custom design work on commission. With some of them, you must supply the furniture, while others offer the furniture for sale as well.

All of the pieces are created by hand. Although most of the artists do not use stencils, many do use paint pens or air brushing. Each furniture piece is sanded, primed, coated with a water-base paint and finished with two-three coats of water-based polyurethane. The finished product is very durable and can be cleaned with a mild soap and water. Most of these pieces are not designed for outdoor use.

Most of the artistes that create handpainted custom furniture design take great pride in their work and in pleasing our customers. Each of the pieces is designed individually. Because each order is a hand painted piece there normally are slight variations. No two pieces are exactly alike, which makes yours a unique, one of a kind piece, signed and dated by the artist.

Hand painted custom furniture design is especially popular for children�s rooms. You can find many delightful examples of storybook characters and other fantasy themes available. Just think how your small children will feel if Winnie the poo and tiger are frolicking on their headboard and dresser. Perhaps your son would like a couple of star wars scenes on his desk or an daughter would enjoy having Barbie and Ken added to her dresser.

Some customers even provide rough sketches that the artist will convert into a finished product. Another popular area of the home for hand painted custom furniture design is the family room. I saw a beautifully painted room divider. It had an aquarium painted on it. You actually had to look twice to realize that the fish were not real.

Most of the furniture supplied by the artists is good quality unfinished furniture. Most of the time they paint the furniture, but my friend�s room divider was stained. The design was painted over that and then it was finished in the normal manner.

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Monday, January 18, 2010

California Custom Furniture Manufacturers

California custom furniture manufacturers has been building high quality custom furniture since the before the Spanish owned territory become part of the united states. The craftsman are formally trained as a cabinetmakers using labor union apprentice programs to pass on the skills of our ancestors while at the same time incorporating new materials and technologies into the process.

The local craftsman build a variety of styles, from early American to Arts And Crafts Style, following close to the tradition and style of using only the highest quality of materials and craftsmanship in joinery designed to last generations. It is not uncommon to find that most of the construction joinery is purposely left exposed to be admired and respected. It is that joinery that will make our furniture and cabinetry last for many years.

California custom furniture manufacturers produce a product that they are proud of at what they consider a reasonable price for the time, effort and skill needed to create it.

Many of the local cabinetmakers have attended art school as well as schools of industrial design in addition to their apprenticeships. These furniture manufactures have forged a partnership between the artist, the design engineer and the cabinetmakers to produce some of the finest furniture available. They take the traditions of the past and carry them into the twenty-first century through their extensive experience with both traditional hand tools for woodworking and efficient modern machinery.

The majority of the work is done on commission and includes all types of residential furniture, entertainment centers and special interior installations. But they are do commercial installations and major conference tables. They work directly with clients and through architects and interior designers to ensure the clients get what they want.

Of course, California custom furniture manufacturers begin with the design process, taking into regard both the functional and aesthetic considerations of the piece at hand. The design process does not stop at the drawing board, but continues right up until the final decisions are made in the wood itself. Each piece is made with as much care and technical integrity as possible. It is the nature of wood to be responsive to changes in atmospheric moisture and hence constantly in motion. This must be accounted for.

All detail work is carved by hand, using both power carving tools and traditional gouges and riffles. no two pieces are exactly identical. This is the hallmark of custom work adds a warmth and variety otherwise impossible to obtain.

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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Amish Furniture IL

The Amish Woodworking Tradition resulted from the Amish craftsman having access to large, truly amazing stands of hardwood trees. Good quality wood is very important whenever you are building a quality cedar chest or other furniture. It involves a lot of knowledge, patience, and commitment to the idea of building to last as well as having access to the right kind of wood that's been properly prepared.

The Amish furniture il time honored methods of building fine furniture take a lot more time to both create and assemble. For example, a full-blind dovetails on a cedar chest add hours to the time it takes to make it. But a well constructed piece of furniture that will last for generations has to have this kind of construction, rather than being simply tacked together. Also, the use of hardwoods throughout rather than just a veneer on top of plywood, assures that the furniture will stand the test of time.

When a piece of furniture has to be made with some joinery on the lid or bottom that is best held together with hardware, the Amish use only screws rather than nails. Nails can work their out of the wood over time. Building to last for the ages includes using screws when appropriate.

Other features of the handcrafted Amish furniture il that are part of building to last include how they assemble the panels. Panels that make up an important part of the design are fully recessed into the styles next to them, and are allowed to 'float' or have room to expand over time. This is another way that natural changes from temperature and humidity do not put excessive stress on the cedar chest.

Because the wood used in Amish furniture il is locally grown and harvested, all of the work of harvesting the lumber, preparing the wood, and building the furniture is done right here in America. These craftsman proudly put �Made in America� on all of their products.
an Amish craftsman takes the time to build in the way he was taught when he apprenticed with his father. This is their tradition passed down from father. Each craftsman learns the right way to make a piece of furniture that can stand the test of time.

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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Patio Furniture Cushions Chaise

Patio furniture cushions chaise are essential accessory items for any patio furniture. Cushions provide comfort and with the multitude of fabrics and pattern available, patio furniture cushions chaise can be a fashion state all by themselves. Comfort and great looks will ensure comfortable and enjoyable outdoor dining.

Unless you are planning to bring them inside for storage after each and every use, your patio furniture cushions chaise need to be constructed of durable material which would not fade in the direct sunlight and would withstand wind, rain and hail and lets not forget chlorinated swimming pool water if you plan to use them anywhere near a pool. The cushions need to be easy to clean since they stay outside where they are exposed to conditions that will result in dirt and grime being caught in the material�s fibers.

Proper maintenance will prolong the life of your cushions. They should be hosed off regularly and if they are really dirty washed with a mild soap and then rinsed. If the fabric gets torn, you need to repair it immediately to prevent moisture from getting inside and letting mold grow. Most fill materials are mold resistant but if water is inside, mod will eventually grow. The method for repairing depends on the material used. You should consult the paperwork that came with the cushions since it usually include cleaning and repairing instructions.

Patio furniture cushions chaise will lat longer is they are being used on a sturdy furniture and correctly fit on the furniture. Excessive sliding can cause uneven wear and encourage fabric tears.

In most climates it is a good idea to clean your cushions and then bring them inside for off-season storage. Extreme cold tends to make synthetic fabrics brittle and more likey to get damaged. Putting them in breathable dust covers is always a good idea because it will eliminate the need to clean them again after you bring them out of storage.

Properly cared for, good quality patio furniture cushions chaise will give your years of pleasure and comfort as you entertain family and friends in the backyard patio or deck..

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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Outdoor Furniture Parts Suppliers

Outdoor furniture parts suppliers specialize in providing the parts needed for the total repair of patio furniture such as replacement straps, frames, slings, casters, slides and all of the different types of hardware used in the manufacture and construction of the furniture. Outdoor furniture parts suppliers make it possible for the homeowner to repair the outdoor furniture they like and enjoy instead of spending more money on new furniture they might not be happy with.

The better quality outdoor patio furniture can be repaired to look and function like it was brand new.

Painting or Refinishing

Wood, wrought iron and cast aluminum outdoor patio furniture needs to have all of the old paint or finish removed before your can refinish or repaint it. Surface preparation is the most important part of renewing or repairing a chair, table or chaise frame. The end finish is only as good as what it's applied to. Sandblasting the surface of your material prior to refinishing or repainting provides and excellent surface for the finish or paint to adhere to. Blasting also removes any rust or corrosion from your metal patio furniture. The necessary tools and supplies for refinishing and repainting can be found at outdoor furniture parts suppliers.

Powder Coating

A better alternative to liquid paint for metal surfaces is power coating. Powder coating is a more durable process that uses a dry powder that is electrostaticly applied to the metal. It is then put it in an oven and cured at ~400 degrees for approximately 30 minutes. Powder coating is much more durable than typical wet paint because it resists cracking and peeling and is extremely abrasion, corrosion and chemical resistant. Many outdoor furniture parts suppliers provide powder-coating services.

Strap Replacement

A common repair for outdoor patio furniture is replacing your vinyl or fabric strapping. Most strapping and webbing needs to be replaced every few years because even if it is not torn, it does stretch over time and stops providing the right amount of support. Strap replacement is a great and inexpensive way to give new life to your patio furniture outdoor furniture parts suppliers carry a wide assortment of strapping and webbing that should work for any project.

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