Friday, January 29, 2010

Irish Bedroom Furniture

When the first Irish settlers came to America they brought all of the traditions and know how needed to create a unique style of furniture referred to as Irish bedroom furniture. This furniture is built using high quality pine wood coupled with an exquisite hand-waxed finish. The bedroom furniture usually consists of pine beds, dressers, wardrobes, chests of drawers, cabinets etc.

Irish master craftsmen go to excessive lengths to ensure that each elegant and durable solid pine products is structurally sound and built for durability. Each individual item is sculpted into practical and stylish pieces that require a minimum of four working days to produce.

Irish bedroom furniture is a timeless simple style of furniture that it carefully constructed country furniture made from various types of pine built by craftsmen using the designs of the past but manufactured with precision and attention to detail. Irish bedroom furniture combines the rustic charm you would expect to find in a country farmhouse with the fine craftsmanship and quality materials you would want to use in your dining room.

Many of those early immigrants saw the potential of the densely forested areas along the east coast of America. The settled in New England and opened case goods manufacturing facilities. Many becdame successful companies whose names are household words.

The traditional furniture manufactures looked down on making anything out of �soft woods�. These Englishman considered the Irish to be ignorant, lazy and �beneath� them. Many of the English hardwood manufacturers would cut down the pine trees and pay the Irish immigrants to haul them away. These ignorant and lazy immigrants built their very successful businesses on the �free� raw materials of the arrogant English and Scotsman.

Irish bedroom furniture is a simple yet functional design utilizing rounded corners with dovetailed and mortised joints. But using hardware bracing where the softer wood needs it to maintain strength. Some is left �rustic� in appearance while other are sanded to a silky finish that stained and hard waxed to a lustrous shine. In all cases, Irish bedroom furniture is an attractive, practical and lower cost alternative to the higher priced hardwood styles.