Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Outdoor Furniture Repair/Rebuild Parts

If you love it and don�t want to throw it away, then you need to find a qualified professional to fix it. Outdoor furniture repair/rebuild parts furniture repair shops are the best source for finding a skilled craftsman to repair and refinishing better quality outdoor furniture.

These shops provide services that include repainting and refinishing for wood, repainting and powder coating for metal frames, replacing worn or broken hardware and replacing worn or stretched out and broken strapping on the seats and chair backs.

Outdoor furniture repair/rebuild parts shops start with sandblasting either the wooden or the metal frame of the outdoor furniture to remove all of the original finish and any rust, mold, mildew or other type of corrosion or rotting that has occurred.

Next for wood they will sand it to a smooth finish and the stain or paint the frame. For metal, they will both prime the metal with an anti-rust primer and then paint it with a good quality latex paint or they will add an application of a powder-coated finish to the clean bare metal.

Powder coating is a state of the art finishing process that is used on all the new patio furniture you see in the major retailers. Powder coating has excellent durability. It is corrosion resistant and provides better ultra violet color stability and is a far superior finish than wet paint finishes. Particles of polyester powder are electro statically charged and applied to the aluminum or steel frame patio furniture. The coated metal frame is then baked on in an oven at 400 degrees to cure the coating.

Outdoor furniture with vinyl strapping or plastic webbing has been popular for pools and patios for over 30 years. Over time, vinyl strapping will fade and become dry and brittle from exposure to the sun, causing the straps to crack and break. Sunlight can cause the vinyl strapping or plastic webbing to fade and that makes your outdoor patio furniture look shabby and unattractive.

Outdoor furniture repair/rebuild parts repair shops can replace the vinyl strapping on your aluminum or steel frame chaise lounges and chairs and can make your pool and patio furniture look like new.