Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Bedroom Furniture On Lay Away

A time honored tradition among the working class is to put bedroom furniture on lay away. Lay away id the poor man�s financing arrangement. No credit needed. No risk to the retailer or the buyer as long as it is a reputable store. Just purchase a product, make a down payment and the store puts the item in a store room. Then every payday, the buyer makes payments until the item is paid off. Then the customer gets to take it home.

Even today, lay away is still available in many of the working class neighborhoods in the United States.

When selecting bedroom furniture on lay away, it is important to choose a style that will fit the room. Small-scale, low profile bedroom furniture with few pieces that is placed in a large, high-ceilinged room will dwarf the furniture and lessen the overall design effect. In contrast, a large set with many pieces will overpower a small room and make it hard to move around the bedroom furniture. The number of pieces that can be comfortably placed in a bedroom is just as important a consideration as the bedroom furniture design.

When buying bedroom furniture on lay away, measure the room it will be going in. Don�t just measure the room size, but also the distance between windows and doors and the outer walls. Then sketch a layout of where you would like to put the pieces.

The bed is the focal point of the bedroom so you need to decide where you want to out the bed. Find the best wall to place your bed and then place additional bedroom furniture around the bed. Now, open all of the doors near the bed to see how much room is left when they are open. Write those measurements down on your sketch.

A king size bed is 84 inches wide. A queen size is 64 inches wide. Standard beds are either 80 or 84 inches long. Most headboard and footboards are 4-6 inches thick. I like to mark out the boundaries of the bed to make it easier to decide where to put everything else. The rule of thumb is to leave three feet on either side of the bed and at the bottom clear. Next measure the space that is left and write it down on your sketch.

Take your sketch and a tape measure to the furniture store (or to the website if you are shopping online). When you find the bedroom furniture on lay away you want, start measuring each piece to see if and where it will fit in the room.