Monday, November 23, 2009

Hawaiian Patio Furniture

Hawaiian patio furniture may be made of rattan and wicker, resin, vinyl or other kinds of wood. This style of furniture includes all of the normal items you expect in outdoor furniture such as dining tables chairs, chaise lounges and garden benches. The biggest difference in Hawaiian patio furniture is that there are also the short beach chairs and beach table in addition to the normal variety of outdoor patio style furniture.

With the beautiful climate of the islands, except during the rainy season, much of the native resident�s entertaining is done outdoors where the cool ocean breeze provides a natural cooling effect eliminating the need for air-conditioning. Because of this they developed a special high bar table and matching height chairs with a broad base so they are stable in the sandy soil or even on the beach. There are also regular bar stools that compliment the Hawaiian tiki bar that is commonly used in the islands.

The most common material used in hawaiian patio furniture is wicker and rattan. Wicker products are woven from either a natural reed or from man-made strips of synthetic materials. Rattan is a hardwood that comes from palm trees that grow as a long vine and is shaped into the frames of the furniture.

Suggestions for maintaining wicker and rattan furniture:

Natural Wicker

1. Indoor - dust often and keep away from direct heat.

2. Outdoors - spray with the hose and scrub lightly with a soft brush and let it dry in the shade. To add a lustrous shine, lemon-oil may be applied to a clean and dry surface.

Painted Wicker

1. Paint - inspect for chips or cracks in the paint. Use touch up paint to repair small nicks and scratches, but after several years use any premium quality latex or kyrlon type paint to give the furniture a fresh new look.

2. Covering - Do not use plastic to cover this type of furniture. It is recommended that you use a cotton sheet or breathable material because these will not trap moisture. Moisture can cause mold and mildew to grow in the cracks and crevasses of the weaving.

Resin or Vinyl Wicker

1. Hose often and wash with a mild detergent or commercial cleaner as needed. Use a soft brush or sponge and either air dry or dry with a soft towel.

2. Some manufacturers recommend a spray-on auto wax to protect the surface

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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Hanamint Cast Patio Furniture Cushions

hanamint cast patio furniture cushions are used to customize the outdoor patio and garden furniture manufactured by the Hanamint Corporation. The company was founded in 1993 to manufacture and distribute cast aluminum and cast iron casual outdoor patio and garden furniture and accessories to specialty retailers. The company holds many patents on different s styles of furniture and the processing methods used to produce them.

Cast aluminum is made by first building a mold, usually of a special grade of sand and then pouring the liquid metal into the mold. After the metal has cooled to room temperature the mold is removed to reveal the newly formed furniture piece.

Wrought iron is rarely made of iron anymore. It is usually made from either hot or cold rolled steel. The material comes in bars or blocks and is heated to the �white-hot� temperature that is just below the melting point of the metal. Then the metal is placed on a forge or anvil and hammered into the shape the craftsman is making.

Both processes produce a strong component that hanamint cast patio furniture cushions manufacturers use to make the frames for the outdoor patio furniture. With manufacturing facilities located in Shanghai and Jiaxing China along with distribution centers located in Las Vegas, Nevada and Greensboro, North Carolina, the Hanamint Company has had steady growth and has become the leader in this market segment.

In addition to the outdoor patio and garden wrought iron and cast aluminum furniture, they also made some pieces for use indoors in living romms and family rooms. These are built with the same construction methods are their world famous high quality outdoor products.

A large variety of replacement hanamint cast patio furniture cushions are available. There are several cushion manufacturing companies that offer a wide selection of cover fabrics and decorator patterns to allow you to completely change the way your furniture looks for a fraction of the cost of buying new furniture. These manufacturers make cushions in the exact sizes specified by hanamint to fit their furniture just as snuggly as the original cushions.

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Monday, November 16, 2009

Hampton Bay Patio Furniture

The same company that creates the extremely high quality and very stylish ceiling fans used in many home around the world also manufactures the Hampton bay patio furniture. I personally own five of their large five-blade flush mount ceiling fans. Not only are they are dependable, quiet and eminently stylish, the cut my heating and air conditioning costs as well.

The hampton bay patio furniture is high quality furniture product with thick deep-piled cushions that provide comfort and down-home elegance like all of the other Hampton Bay collection of products. All of the chairs and chaise lounges are quality crafted of 100% aluminum cast aluminum.

Each piece comes with a seven inch thick lush cushion made of durable "rain through" densified polyester fibers. These cushions have the look and feel of a regular upholstered cushion but is designed the allow moisture to flow through the material which is mold and mildew resistant. It also air dries quickly.

Hampton bay patio furniture will transform your sun room, your porch, your patio, or your deck into your own private outdoor living area. Wit a combination of stylish chairs, matching ottomans, loveseats and sofas you can create an ideal setting for winding-down in gracious style or entertaining with style. All of the hampton bay patio furniture is constructed with cast aluminum arms and frames.

There are an almost endless number of patterns and colors available for the cushions used on your hampton bay patio furniture that will enable you to create exactly the atmosphere you want to crate to turn your outdoor patio into an gracious and stylish outdoor living area where you can just relax or entertain family and friends.

For over 100 years, Telescope Casual the parent company of hampton bay patio furniture has been producing the finest in high-quality outdoor patio furniture.

In 1953, Telescope invented and patented the award-winning director chair with replaceable seat covers. A long-time Hollywood favorite, their innovative chair remains popular today for everyday use. Telescope also produces many varieties and styles of sling, cushion, strap, and folding patio furniture collections in addition to their hallmark hampton bay patio furniture.

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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Furniture Lawn Glider

For me, a furniture lawn glider conjures up visions of long lazy summer evenings at my grandmother�s house when I was a child. Grandma has this ancient wicker lawn glider. She always said her great uncle made it as a wedding present for her parents. That was the first time I had ever heard of someone making their own furniture. She and grandpa used to sit on that thing and swing back and forth almost every evening that the weather was warn enough to be outside. Of course, grandpa never stayed still for very long, so mostly it was grandma that rode on that glider.

The wicker was a sort of yellowish green color. Nobody why it was that color but we figured it must have been stained that color. That furniture lawn glider was comfortable to sit on and lots of fun to swing on. Not that us children were allowed to do that very often. Usually we got to use only if we snuck a ride. We were always getting into trouble for sneaking outside to swing on the glider. But sometimes if we did something really good, Grandma would let us swing on it. The problem was that she was afraid that we would start rough housing and break her favorite furniture lawn glider.

The glider was about five feet long and had a rectangular frame underneath it. It also had little wheels attached to the bottom of its four legs that ran on a metal track on the bottom frame to make it go back and forth. There were also four flat metal arms, two on each side, that grandpa called spring steel the would stop the seat from going to far backward or forward. I�ve always been interested in how thing work so the mechanisms controlling the movement of the furniture lawn glider fascinated me as a child.

Every time I think about Grandma�s yellowish green wicker lawn glider, I promise myself that some day I�ll buy one for my house. Maybe when I finally have grandchildren of my own, I�ll get a furniture lawn glider and rock my grandchildren on it.

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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Furniture Blonde Modern Dining

The style, furniture blonde modern dining, is a well know type of furniture that is frequently called Scandinavian Chic. If you would like to add a little Scandinavian elegance to your home this style of furniture might be just want you are looking for.

This beautiful light colored furniture will brighten up any dining room area and also server to lighten up every one�s mood especially on long cold winter nights. Surprisingly enough the light colored wood will also look and feel �cool� on those long hot sultry summer days.

The Scandinavians have creating a laid back elegance down to a science. The brilliant, beautiful blonde furniture will create an attractive contrast with the darker woods normally used in flooring. It will look great on a darker colored carpet. Chair can be purchased with and without casters to make it easier to slide up to the dining room table to partake in a sumptuous feast.

Tables come in almost every size. From a small intimate four seater to a luxurious banquet table that seats 20. The table tops are finely sanded to a velvet finish and then stained, lacquered and hand waxed until a beautiful shinning blonde finish is achieved.

High end furniture blonde modern dining tables can be found with tennon and mortised jointing, but most use metal fasteners for extra strength at strategic stress points.
Chairs are precision doweled with the chair backs having extra concealed support. China cabinets and sideboards may have dovetailed drawers or use rockers style slides for smooth operations. Most cabinet doors have magnetic closures and tempered glass to provide additional strength. Silverware drawers are felt lined so your fine silver won�t get scratched.

The Scandinavians have been producing some of the most innovative furniture designs for centuries. They are known through out the world for the quality and serviceability of their creations.

furniture blonde modern dining is available in many choices of styles and price ranges and a variety of woods. They make a excellent choice of furniture that will provide many years of functional service, aesthetic beauty and add charm to any household.

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Friday, November 13, 2009

French Country Unpainted Furniture

When you think of the area around Province and the French countryside, you almost have to think of the French country unpainted furniture that originated in that region of France. While there are many elements that contribute to the French country unpainted furniture style of decorating, the resulting look is always rustic, old-world, and welcoming. The look of the furniture fits equally well into country houses, mansions, and even city apartments. The French country unpainted furniture, with its warm and casual feel will fit beautifully into your home as well.

An important element in pieces used in French Country style decorating is the use of natural materials. The furniture is made of solid wood. The better pieces have mortise and tenon joining. The drawers usually have reinforcement blocks to prevent warping and sticking. The French country unpainted furniture can be made of almost any type of wood, but since so much of it will be painted, various trees of the pine family are normally used.

So when you finish your French country unpainted furniture, you might want to select soft color stained or ivory or creamy white paint. This finish is applied everywhere except to chair seats woven of rush give good texture and simplicity to the look.

Adding rusted looking metal furniture fittings to the French country unpainted furniture will give it a touch of authenticity straight out of the countryside. Add some matching lighting fixtures and the furniture will produce a warm color and wonderful lines.

The French country unpainted furniture comes in almost any piece you might want to buy. There are extensive choices of dining room and kitchen tables available. The china cabinets and matching sideboards are also available for most tables. Quaint kitchen cupboards are available as accessories for the kitchen tables.

In the bedroom furniture selections available, you will find headboards with matching footboards, dressers and clothing chests, armoires, coats racks and night stands in several sizes to fit any sized bedroom.

For the living room, the French country unpainted furniture pieces are coffee tables, occasional table, coat racks, telephone stands, planter stands, small chests with seats and entertainment centers.

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Thursday, November 12, 2009

White Cedar Patio Furniture

White cedar patio furniture is an excellent choice for all of your outdoor entertainment needs. Styles exist for almost any purpose from full sized dining tables to low slung chaise lounges designed for lounging poolside.

So exactly what is cedar? There are several different types of wood that are commonly called as cedar. There are two distinct type of cedar that most Americans are familiar with, that cinnamon-colored, pleasantly scented wood and the white variety that is equally scented.

The red cedar actually comes from a North American tree belonging to the cypress family commonly known as Western Red. The Western Red Cedar is a conifer and evergreen tree, similar to pine in its construction, which is native to the coastlines and the more arid regions of the Pacific Northwest.

The Western Red Cedar is a tall, majestic tree, reaching height up to 200 feet when fully grown. The Western Red Cedar has the ability to grow in both wet and arid climates and therefore, it is an incredibly hardy tree that can survive nearly anywhere it is planted.

The tree produces oil that protects it from fungi or other pathogens that would cause it to decay. Consequently, the wood from Western Red Cedar creates durable, long-lasting patio furniture. Also, the aromatic odor of the cedar tree that is pleasant to humans effectively drives away insects and snakes.

The wood falls into the softwood category. Softwood refers not to the actual softness or hardness of the wood, but to the structural characteristics of the tree. In softwood trees, the inner cells of the tree serve two purposes: to conduct water from the roots to the leaves and to provide a supporting skeleton that gives the tree rigidity. Thus, softwood trees are incredibly strong, but not nearly as heavy as some hardwood trees can be. Because Western Red Cedar is lightweight yet durable, it is ideal for use in outdoor patio furniture.

Most of the white cedar patio furniture available in the United States is made from a bleached version of red cedar.

True cedars or white cedars are a part of the pine family. True cedars grow only in Europe and central Asia primarily in the Mediterranean region and around the Himalayas.

True cedars of the old world have played a prominent part in western civilization. Most historians believe that the famous temple and house of Solomon were constructed from white cedar that probably originated in North Africa. Also, the groves of cedar that are prominent in the Lebanon Mountains, are frequently mentioned in the Bible and are also featured on the Lebanese flag.

The Himalayan branch of the cedar family also plays a prominent role in the Hindu religion of India and other central Asian countries. The Hindus, who call it the �tree of God�, venerate the cedar tree.

True cedar has most of the same qualities as the Western Red Cedar. Both trees are hardy and fragrant and possess the same hardiness and resilience against pests and rot. They are much better able to withstand harsh weather or droughts than trees grown in more temperate climates and they produce a greater number of chemicals to combat pathogens. Because of its strength and durability, cedar wood is ideal for structural timber, and it is frequently used in shipbuilding that also makes it perfect for white cedar patio furniture construction.

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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Dungeon Bedroom Furniture

Dungeon bedroom furniture is very high priced and high quality bondage furniture and equipment. In the past bondage was regulated to the back alleys and was a totally hush-hush- activity that no decent person admitted to participating in. Not so today. Bondage has become a thriving industry.

While dungeon bedroom furniture is actually furniture, it is still classified as an adult toy. These adult toys are commonly used in play-spaces, clubs, studios and professional facilities (dungeons) around the world. Commercial bondage clubs have experienced considerable growth in the past six years. As this activity steps out of the shadows, many of the individuals into this activity will now dedicate entire rooms in their homes exclusively to bondage equipment.

Most of the available dungeon bedroom furniture is sturdy, attractive and surprisingly comfortable (although I�m not totally sure why you need to be comfortable while tied or chained up.) Much of this equipment is luxuriously upholstered and finished with a professional spray system. Most seems to be reasonably priced and made to last a lifetime.

Like all commercial products, there is a wide array of accessories available for the furniture. Some of the dungeon bedroom furniture accessories are items like floggers and whips. The whip handles are individually handcrafted from exotic hardwoods or other specialty materials so no two are ever exactly alike. Torture equipment can be purchased as matched sets complete with personalization and Monogramming.

Another common accessory is Chain Mail. It is usually hand handcrafted with woven wire using medieval chain maille patterns executed in third millennium material. These items can be purchased in a wide range of stylish fantasy creations including club wear, headdresses, hand flowers, waist chains, multi-pierced earrings, anklets, locking collars, chokers and much more. There is everything a warrior or master and slave could possibly need.

One of the most popular pieces of dungeon bedroom furniture is a hanging bird-cage like swing complete with wrist and knee ties designed for a couples� intimate activities. The bondage adult entertainment industry is a legal fantasy industry allows consenting adults to act out their deepest fantasies in a safe environment so that no ever really gets injured.

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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Teak And White Birch Outdoor Furniture

Teak and white birch outdoor furniture will allow you to spend less time fussing over your outdoor furniture and devote more time relaxing in it. Good quality hardwood outdoor furniture is built to stand up to the weather and remain virtually maintenance free. Finely crafted of the highest quality, kiln-dried, solid wood, it can be painted, oiled, or left to weather to a soft silvery gray patina as it settles into your garden or deck. Each piece is usually slanted either on the top or seat to shed rain water.

Teak is a closely grained hardwood with extremely high natural oil content. This makes it hard wearing, highly resistant to rotting and almost impervious to the effects of sun, rain, frost or snow. These natural features combine to make it the ideal timber for all outdoor applications. Testament to its strength and durability is the fact that, when English battleships were being scrapped after a lifetime of service, the teak from their decks was salvaged and re-made into garden benches.

Why is teakwood always the first choice for outdoor use? This immensely stable timber has a high oil and rubber content that act as a built in natural water repellent that makes it virtually immune to rotting. Teak furniture does not require babying or covering during bad weather.

You can leave it outside for over 100 years and the furniture will still be there. Such situations are common in Europe and Asia because teak and white birch outdoor furniture
furniture weathers beautifully, season after season, and can be left untreated outside without the risk of rotting.

Although officially known as the paper birch, the tree is also called the white birch and the canoe birch. Native American Indians made their canoes and the coverings for their houses with its bark. The white birch�s wood actually worked so well that white men imitated these practices for many years. White birch bark is extremely strong and almost totally resistant to rot.

The wood of the white birch is soft, firm, and knot-free. It is also used to make hundreds of food-related products, such as chopsticks, ice-cream sticks, toothpicks, and wooden spoons and is one of the main ingredients in plywood and wood pulp.

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