Friday, October 30, 2009

Custom Patio Furniture Covers

custom patio furniture covers are available in many different styles and sizes. You can find covers in everything from the almost plastic like fabrics to the ones that look and act like canvas but a much less heavy and are resistant to mold and mildew.

Unfortunately, no company makes custom patio furniture covers that are made of the same materials as car, boat and motorcycles covers. The ones are serviceable but the cheap ones are little more than glorified plastic trash bags.

If you are curious why there is even a market for cheap custom patio furniture covers it is because some patio furniture, especially rustic or custom made is not a standard size. So the only way to get fitted covers is to either make them yourself or to buy custom made covers.

Good covers need to be made of a water proof and moisture resistant material that can �breathe�. Mold and mildew will destroy fabrics and can damage wood surfaces and eat away finishes.

Most of the better custom patio furniture covers are constructed of fleece-backed vinyl. These are heavyweight, reinforced patio furniture covers that have been designed to last through years of wind, rain and snow. The weight of these patio furniture covers along with Velcro� straps will keep them secured to your furniture. Most of the companies use vinyl that is al least 7mil. Thick. To that they add anywhere from a 2 to 4 ounce fleece polypropylene backing. After the backing is compresses into a flat sheet, it is then laminated onto the vinyl. This process ensures the fleece won't
come off on the furniture.

A good custom patio furniture covers will provide protection from Ultra violet light, severe cold and polymer chemicals to ensure that the vinyl will not crack when exposed to the elements and will stay soft and pliable for the life of the covers. All of the hems should be heat sealed with grommets to keep the Velcro tie downs secure even in windy conditions.

Like I said in the beginning, I would prefer that my furniture covers be made of the same material that my motorcycle is made of. The bike can sit outside all winter and the chrome doesn�t rust, because the cover is moisture resistant but breathes so any moisture that forms from condensation inside the cover dries quickly.

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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Custom Made Asian Furniture

Custom made Asian furniture is the traditional way of earning a living in many parts of Asia. The knowledge and skills for building the furniture have been passed down from father to son for many generations. Most of the work is still done using the traditional methods. But as new technology becomes affordable to the builders, they are incorporating it into the manufacturing methods.

If the furniture is built in an area where electricity is available, many artisans use hand power tools along with the older traditional methods custom made Asian furniture comes from Indonesia, Taiwan, Mainland China and Hong Kong.

The local custom made Asian furniture craftsman produce tile works, al types of furniture, lamps and accessories that share a design style of formal simplicity. They and made of strong, natural materials. Many of the designs incorporate influences from the Chinese Ming dynasty, with a common thread of interesting form, restrained detail, and minimal expression. This style of furniture endures beyond the limitations of trends and seems to achieve a measure of timelessness. There is a "stillness" in these pieces that to achieve that end because the furniture is gracefully quiet.

Such fine quality furniture must be care for properly. I recommend the following:

Do not use silicone polish, chemicals, spray-on polish, or other commercial cleaners on your custom made Asian furniture, just dust and rub it with a dry soft cloth.

Do not use abrasive kitchen cleaners, as they will scratch the surface. For more persistent marks, rub with a chamois leather cloth dipped in warm water with a drop of vinegar added.

Wax and polish two or three times a year with any good quality paste furniture wax or beeswax.

Avoid placing your antique furniture next to radiators, hot air vents, air conditioners or open windows.

Wood is a natural living product and the furniture will 'breathe' in response to changes in the atmosphere. Rapid or extreme fluctuations in temperature, humidity or direct sunlight may cause cracking, splitting and warping. The ideal condition for furniture is a relative humidity of 40 - 70% and a temperature of 15 � 25 degrees C (59-77 degrees F)

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Monday, October 26, 2009

Custom Hardwood Furniture

Wood has long been the material of choice for quality custom hardwood furniture custom hardwood furniture for many good reasons. Wood is available in various different natural colors. Each species of tree has a distinctive grain or pattern in the wood. Trees come in different levels of hardness. Most importantly, wood can be cut and shaped into a large variety of attractive designs.

Since wood is an organic product, it is shock-resistant which means that it can suffer a hard blow without cracking or breaking custom hardwood furniture is extremely durable and generally will outlast synthetic materials. An added benefit is that, unlike synthetic materials, scratches and nicks are easy to touch up.

Custom furniture makers can be found all over the world. Most of the time they are relatively small companies that employ skilled craftsman to produce the custom made furniture. custom hardwood furniture may or may be truly unique if unique id used to mean a one-of-a-kind design. But no two pieces of custom-built furniture will be exactly alike. Since most of the work is done by hand or using machines operated by human beings, the mathematical precision and sameness that ready-made mass-produced furniture has can not be achieved. Not that you would actually want them to do that.

The craftsmen produce the furniture from either blueprints or detailed design patterns. If it is a truly unique design, they may even have to build jigs to hold the pieces while the glues dries and any other tools needed to assemble the custom hardwood furniture.

They will use a variety of hardwood depending on both what the customer wants and/or what wood is most suitable for the job if the customer has no specific preference about what wood to use. Quality custom hardwood furniture will use mortise and tenon joinery rather than screws and bolts. Properly done by a skilled craftsman, these glued joints will outlast screwed and bolted joints by decades.

The end result of having custom hardwood furniture built is that you will have a beautiful piece of furniture that you can enjoy for many years. Since the furniture lasts so long, you will probably pass it down to your children and grandchildren. So, you are not just getting a piece of furniture but a family heirloom to be treasured for generation to come.

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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Custom Furniture South Florida

Some of the custom furniture south Florida custom furniture manufacturers began their businesses by building furniture for their own homes because they did not like the quality of the furniture being offered and prices being charged for that quality at the local furniture stores. Most of these people already did wood working as a hobby and many were also employed in various aspects of the construction industry. Some of them were even cabinet makers in the automated furniture factories in the area.

Longing for something original and built with distinctive high quality materials and design, they started out by furnishing their home with their own creations. For many of these people an economic turndown in the construction industry in south Florida provided the final push for them to become full time custom furniture south Florida builders.

Tradition, craftsmanship and elegance are words more likely to be associated with European design than present-day South Florida. Also, unique is an overused and often inaccurately used word frequently employed to describe custom made furniture. The word unique means one-of-a-kind. It really doesn�t accurately describe the minor differences found in custom built furniture. Individual created or hand crafted is a more accurate description. Custom pieces are created for individual clients of the company who live throughout the world.

The craftsman will build whatever the customer wants. Most of the time what the customer wants is based on some traditional style of furniture the customer likes. The pieces are individually crafted and as such, will not be exactly alike and will have slight variations. It�s the variations that indicate that these are custom built as opposed to an assembly line piece of furniture.

So the next time you see the word unique applied to custom furniture south Florida, smile and realize it advertising hype. If you want quality furniture that is built to your exact specifications, then you want to engage the services of a custom furniture manufacturer. That way, you will get exactly what you want built made of high quality materials and lovingly crafted by skilled artisans who loved doing this kind of work enough to make a career of it.

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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Cedar Log Furniture Montana

Most cedar log furniture Montana is manufactured west of the Continental Divide in the Glacier National Park area in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains near the Canadian border. The local artisans take great pride in the quality and design of the functional, durable and lasting style of their indoor and outdoor rustic f cedar log furniture Montana.

Since the forces of nature have dried all of the logs, whether by natural air-drying of the standing dead or as a result of a forest fire, there is absolutely no moisture in the logs. The rustic quality of the cracks, also called checking, adds character to the simple beauty of the wood. Draw knives are used to hand peel the bark from the logs. The process leaves just enough color from the inner bark to give the appearance of natural texture and color contrast, giving each piece that rustic furniture appeal.

One assembly technique used in making the furniture is mortise and tenon joinery, known for its strength when performed by a master craftsmanship. A dowel or biscuit is inserted into a hole or slot in the pieces to be joined and glued into place. These glued joints will outlast bolted and screwed joints tenfold if done properly using good quality glue.

Most of the craftsmen living in this area believe in respecting and maintaining the environment. That is why the woodsmen harvest the standing dead Lodge pole Pine from the forest in an age-old fashion, without the use of heavy equipment. The trees get their name from the fact that the Indian tribes living in the area use the trees to build their lodges. Also some trees that fall due to high winds can be salvaged. As good environmental stewards, the live trees are left untouched. They leave the larger dead trees that provide food and shelter for the smaller wildlife, including birds.

Many of primitive techniques brought from the Old World by their immigrant forbearers are still used in modern manufacture of log furniture. The timeless beauty and durability of the cedar log furniture Montana can be seen throughout the world. Most of the furniture is finished with lacquer.

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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Cast Wrought Aluminum Furniture

Whenever I think of metal patio furniture, I think of the cheap flimsy chair that aunt Mary sat on that just slowly folded to the ground under her. Of course, Aunt Mary did weigh around 200 pounds, but a decent chair should be able to support that. But the metal outdoor furniture has come a long way since I was a small child. Much of the better quality outdoor patio furniture is cast wrought aluminum furniture.

The most common metal outdoor furniture is made from iron or cast wrought aluminum furniture, although the use of steel, especially stainless steel, is growing.
Metal is fashioned into furniture in one of three main ways by extrusion, casting, and welding. Extrusion forces melted metal through long pipes and forms long narrow tubes of metal, sometimes solid, but often hollow.

Casting metal involves creating a form or cast that is shaped like the finished product. Then the molten metal is poured into the form and then the form is removed when the metal has solidified. Cast pieces are almost always solid.

Forging is a process in which metal is heated and hammered into shape to produce the type of furniture known as "wrought" metal. It uses pipes and various solid pieces of the metal and joins them together by welding or bolting.

Aluminum is a silvery, lightweight and easily worked metal that never rusts. Much of the early aluminum furniture from the 1960s was made from hollow-core extrusion tubing. Such furniture was extremely lightweight but not exceedingly wind-stable nor particularly sturdy. It weight limitations were very low approximately 130 lbs. The frames bending under the weight of a 180 pound man was a common occurrence. Such flimsy pieces are still available today but I do not recommend their use. Inexpensive plastic outdoor furniture is in the same price range and somewhat sturdier.
cast wrought aluminum furniture is a much better choice for use in outdoor dining or sitting areas.

If you are considering purchasing extruded, cast or wrought aluminum items, there are a few things to look for that indicates a quality piece. Joints should be welded preferably full-circumference welds rather than bolted. If bolts are used to connect webbing, they should be made of aluminum or stainless steel. Otherwise they will begin to rust even though the main frame does not.
The best quality cast wrought aluminum furniture pieces have a powder-coated finish that determines the final color of the piece and the durability of the metal. Powder coating is a process in which colorful polyester powders are applied and then baked onto the frame.

Vinyl webbing or straps used on cast wrought aluminum furniture needs to have been processed with mildew inhibitors and ultraviolet stabilizers. Any wooden pieces mounted on aluminum frames should be treated with a waterproof finish to guarantee durability.

Suntan oils, human perspiration, car exhaust and salt spray can all eat away at the powder coating on cast wrought aluminum furniture. To ensure long life, clean the aluminum furniture at least twice a month with a solution of mild dish detergent and warm water. Rinse well. You can then apply paste car wax to any smooth finish frames for added protection.

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Monday, October 19, 2009

Carved Furniture Parts

There are millions of highly talented cabinetmakers in the world today. These skilled craftsmen create some of the most beautiful and outstanding furniture design from just a few planks of wood. Many of these pieces of furniture almost can be classified as works of art.

However, there are only a small percentage of furniture makers that also possess the skills needed to create carved furniture parts. These craftsmen must be part cabinetmaker and part sculptor.

Most of the beautiful craved furniture parts we see today are made in Mexico and other parts of Central America. In this area of the world, the local people y still use the apprentice system to train young people in all types of skilled work. As a result, the artisans who create the carved furniture parts studied two crafts and, in most case, completed two separate apprenticeships�one in cabinetmaking and one in sculpting.

A skilled carver can take an already unique but plain piece of furniture and using his imagination and artistic ability create carvings that will turn it into a work of functional art. Each piece is beautiful to look at as well as a useful piece of furniture.

These extraordinary hand-carved benches, trunks, coat racks, and other home accessories can add a touch of beauty and elegance to your d�cor. Each item with its carved furniture parts is one-of-a-kind, unique and hand-crafted by skilled artisans.
It is comforting to know that each piece is created with the ancient skills that have been passed down from generation to generation in this part of the world in this community of artists. The resulting work produces a timeless, classic and beautiful piece of furniture for you to enjoy and someday leave as an heirloom to your descendants.

Carving of all sorts is available on the furniture. Many of the artisans will accept custom orders and will build according to your design. One particular artist only makes ball claw or lion's paw feet and other ornate carving to be added to bed or gate post or banisters on either newly constructed furniture or existing furniture being refinished and adding carved furniture parts

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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Wood Burl Furniture

Exactly what is wood burl furniture? Well, a burl is a wart like, deformed looking growth on a tree trunk, root or occasionally even the branches of a tree. Burls can be caused by several different thinks. A burl can result from some type of injury to the tree, as a result from some type of infection just under the bark, or the existence of an unformed bud that for some reason did not grow properly.

Many people compare burls to cancer sells in humans because the tree cells divide and grow excessively and unevenly. Burls are sometimes called tumors on wood, although warts would be a more accurate comparison because trees with burls are otherwise healthy and continue to grow normally.

Continued growth follows the contour of the original deformity and produces all kinds of twists, swirls and knots in the wood fiber. Usually this results in wood that has a spectacular pattern that can be used to create stunningly beautiful wood burl furniture. Dormant buds tens to create "eyes" in the wood that make the burl even more spectacular when worked.

Burl wood is usually darker than the rest of the tree and in some cases may be a totally different color altogether. Because of the diverse grain direction, burl wood cannot be relied on for strength. That is why burls are prized for beauty and chosen for the more decorative items that includes most typical home or office wood burl furniture applications.

Burl wood can be difficult to dry without cracking. Sometimes there are bark inclusions in burls, and also sometimes gum pockets, either of which can cause surface defects when the burl is worked. In some species of wood, gum pockets are common in any burl found on the tree.

Burls come in all sizes and shapes from golf-ball sized and smaller to hundreds of pounds of massive growth on the side of a large tree. Woodsmen have reported burls as large as 4 feet by 8 feet in size. Many trees have been discovered with hundreds of small burls. On really large trees like the giant redwoods, burls commonly exist that are large enough to be used to create veneer. The good part is that they can be removed without harming an otherwise healthy tree.

"Cat's Paw" and "cluster burl" are a couple of commonly identified types of burl figures that are used in wood burl furniture. Cat's paw is frequently found in cherry and cluster burls are found in a number of species of trees.

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Friday, October 16, 2009

Unfinished Wood Furniture Desk

An unfinished wood furniture desk is one of the more common ready-to-finish furniture available for purchase that gives you a wide range of options so you can match your new piece with the color and finish of your existing furniture. Most unfinished furniture is made of pine or oak. Although I have seen some that is constructed of plywood with a thin veneer of the more expensive woods.

Solid wood means that all of the exposed parts of the furniture are made of solid boards. They can be made of any kind of either softwood or hardwood lumber. No plywood, veneers or particle boards are used. When solid boards are used in furniture construction, they are glued together side by side along the edges. Usually a number of less wide boards are used to make the wood surface more stable and reduce the chance of warping due to excessive moisture. By following a seam to the end you can always identify a solid board because you will find the "end" grain. Many veneers are glued over the edges to look like solid wood, but they will always be faced on the end and show no end grain.

Just keep in mind that apiece of furniture that is advertised as "all-wood furniture" is not necessarily solid wood. A veneer can help you achieve the look you desire at a cost lower than solid lumber. In fact, some of the more exotic woods such as roble are only available as veneers.

Artificial veneers can be overlaid on plywood or particleboard and can provide an inexpensive way to get a more expensive look for your unfinished wood furniture desk. A plywood core is lighter, less expensive and more forgiving if damaged, but it can swell if it gets wet. If damaged, particleboard, which is made from a mixture of glue and sawdust that is shaped into boards and then baked, will often break off because the material is so hard it cannot absorb a shock. .
Veneer is a thin layer of wood that is applied in sheets over underlying layers of plywood or particleboard. Plywood is made of thin layers of solid wood glued over each other with grains running at 90-degree angles to produce a strong core. A "real wood" veneer is often glued on top.

Drawer construction is generally a good indication of overall furniture quality. Some drawers have no guides. The lack of guides allows more "play" and can cause the drawer to bind when it is opened and closed. Others have wood-to-wood center guides, nylon-to-wood center guides, side-mounted roller guides or center-mounted metal guides. Roller guides and center-mounted metal guides normally have built-in drawer stops, and some have lifetime warranties for drawer operation.

So always look for good construction because the quality unfinished wood furniture desk you purchase today can be used for a lifetime.

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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Teak Furniture Irvine California

There are many sources for teak furniture irvine California . Teak has been used for centuries to create some of the strongest and most beautiful furniture in the world.

Because of its durability and its resistance to rot, teak has long been a popular timber tree and a valuable natural resource. Ancient civilizations in India and Malaysia have long known about the benefits and usefulness of teak wood teak is also a very flexible wood that makes it relatively easy to work with.

The strength of teak wood has made it a favorite of shipbuilders since the middle ages. Teak is superior to all other woods for shipbuilding and has been used for that purpose since the beginning of shipbuilding. Most of the keel beams of the wooden were made exclusively from teak. Teak also has the ability to withstand rust when combined with metal fasteners. This feature alone made teak invaluable to shipbuilders.

Teak can maintain its strength and durability for so long that the teak floor planks from old wooden ships were recycled into park benches for European cities. Today, there are still some teak benches in English towns that are over 100 years old.

Some time during the late 1800s, teak began to be used for outdoor furniture. A favorite construction material in its native India, teak was quickly exported to Victorian England by English traders living in India. Teak benches and chairs quickly became the perfect compliment to an English gentleman�s garden.

teak is still the most often used wood for shipbuilding. It is also used for indoor wood flooring and other general construction purposes. And, of course, teak is used to create durable and beautiful outdoor patio furniture. Teak furniture irvine California high oil content makes it ideal for outdoor furniture. Teak furniture has long been considered to be the �official� patio furniture in several ski resorts in Colorado and Utah, and it continues to be the favored wood for all construction projects requiring unbeatable durability and rustic elegance.

A quick review the unique attributes of teak furniture irvine California that make it so ideal for patio furniture:

Tempered by extreme conditions in the tropical rainforests of Central Asia, teak is incredibly strong and will resist any and all weather conditions.

Similar to cedar, teak wood is saturated with natural oils that protect it from boring insects and fungi. The wood is so permeates with oil that it remains even when is dead so that it is also resistant to the eroding effects of water.

It is valued everywhere for its dark elegance and beauty.

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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Washington DC Furniture Leather Repair

Washington dc furniture leather repair will show you the best way to take care of your fine leather surfaces. Leather was the first fabric ever used for upholstery. And it's still one of the most durable and attractive covering that money can buy.

Leather furniture is the ultimate image-maker. Whether it's in the executive suite, or in the den, leather furniture says that you have arrived and have impeccable taste. It says that you have achieved a level of success.
You know how soft and supple fine leather is supposed to be. You know how great is looks and what a pleasure it is to run your hand over a smooth leather surface.

In order to get that look and feel, many leathers have little or no protective finish. This allows them to dry out when exposed to temperature and humidity changes. Normal wear and tear and accidents can also quickly dull, stain and mar beautiful leather. Only regular care can preserve the original qualities you love to enjoy.

So, how do you care for your leather products? There are many excellent leather care products on the market. Go to the your local leather specialty store or name brand motorcycle shop to purchase the best leather care products available.

I also strongly suggest you avoid all of the following:
Never clean with soaps or detergents - Soaps and detergents can cause leather's finish to break down and the material to dry out and crack and, in some cases, remove the color.

Never use oils or silicone products- With continued use, oils may darken leather, or soften the finish, causing it to peel or wear off. Silicones cause leather to become shiny and slippery, attract dust more readily and make repair and refinishing impossible.
Never use "home remedies" - Damages like ink stains or oil stains should be handled by a professional leather care service. Doing it yourself can cause irreversible damage.

Avoid direct sunlight - Finishes can fade and degrade when exposed to ultraviolet rays.
Avoid extreme temperatures - Placing leather furniture near heat or air conditioning vents will hasten the drying process.

Remove spills immediately - Use absorbent paper towel or a damp cloth to remove liquid spills. For grease or oil, use talcum powder or corn starch to absorb the spill. Never use water on grease or oil spills.

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Friday, October 9, 2009

Unfinished Furniture Boca Raton

Purchasing unfinished furniture boca raton is the best for to get top quality furniture at rock bottom prices. Of course, you have to have some woodworking knowledge and be good at working with your hands. When you buy unfinished furniture, the final steps in the construction process are left for you to so.

Each piece of solid wood furniture is unique and has its own grain pattern and color, according to the character of the wood. Light and dark areas blend during the finishing process to produce the uniquely attractive look of real wood furniture.

Although you can paint or varnish unfinished furniture boca raton, the most commonly used finishing processes is staining and top coating. First you must prepare the wood surface. Most unfinished pieces need additional fine sanding (less than 180-grit paper) before finishing to avoid roughness that will show when the stain is applied. Always sand in the direction of the grain. If you used wood fill on minor imperfections, sand the areas of fill well or the stain might not be properly absorbed.

Stains contain colored pigments that often settle to the bottom of the can. Mix the stain thoroughly before applying. It may be worth a trip to the paint store to get them to put the stain on the mixing machine.
Most people recommend using foam brushes to apply the stain to unfinished furniture boca raton. I like to use two sponges�one to apply the stain and one to wipe off the excess. I wear rubber gloves because my method is messy but I find it easier to achieve a more even color that way.

Read and follow the manufacturer�s directions. They know their products and will tell you how to get the best results. Do a test by staining an inconspicuous area. If the stain looks evenly coated and you like the look, one coat staining is adequate. If the stain is too light or uneven, a second coat of stain may be needed before the topcoat is applied.

Stain one surface at a time, and do the corners and uneven areas first. As you stain each area, wipe with the grain to remove excess stain, and then move to another area. As you finish, go back over the entire piece with a clean rag to pick up all excess stain and wipe the surface dry.

Most clear topcoats are designed to be wiped on not brushed. Use a clean rag or new sponges. I like to use three coats of topcoat on all visible areas and a single coat on the unseen areas. After the topcoat is thoroughly dry, use very fine #600 sandpaper to remove the �fuzz� and then wipe each sanded area with a tack cloth. I like to finish the unfinished furniture boca raton off with paste furniture wax.

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Monday, October 5, 2009

Seating For 6 Patio Furniture

Seating for 6 patio furniture makes a great choice for an outstanding outdoor entertainment area for your patio or deck. Cedar is the choice of outdoor furniture lumber in the United States because it is native to the region, making it relatively plentiful and inexpensive. Cedar wood is also used because of the natural oil impregnated in the wood that make it resistant to rotting and boring insects.

Cedar�s slightly reddish color and its strong but naturally pleasant odor combine to add to the enjoyment of the seating for 6 patio furniture. In fact, we people realized that the cedar odor acted as a natural insect repellant, many people started to grind the wood into chips and use in closets, drawers and other storage areas to ward of moths and other fabric destroying insects.

Many people prefer to allow their cedar seating for 6 patio furniture to "naturally age" outdoors without using any stain or finishing materials such water sealers. Over time the untreated wood will lose colorful tones and the wood will slowly weather to a handsome silver-gray and at the same time, the grain of the wood will become slightly raised.

Since most cedar outdoor furniture is fastened with zinc hardware, left completely natural this silver-gray color will eventually be highlighted by darker streaks formed from the reaction between the cedar resin and the zinc hardware. If the dark streaks are not for you, we suggest using a simple wood sealer to prevent them from appearing. Even using a sealer, the wood will still eventually turn sliver but the grain won�t become raised.

However, if you would like to preserve the colorful natural reddish tones of the freshly sanded cedar seating for 6 patio furniture simply use a good quality stain on cedar furniture. There is a wide variety of colors to choose from that makes it very easy to match your existing decor.

personally, I do not recommend painting cedar seating for 6 patio furniture because the natural oils in the wood tend to make the paint peel rather quickly and can turn your purchase into something requiring frequent maintenance.

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