Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Sanibel Patio Furniture

sanibel patio furniture comes from the island of Sanibel in Florida. Sanibel Island is a barrier island off the south west coast of Florida in the Gulf of Mexico. It is located near the Fort Meyers area. The island was the site of a small colony started by the Florida Peninsular land Company in 1832. Most Sanibel Island residents believe that the name of the island comes from a mispronounced version of the name Santa Isabella, said to have been given the island by the pirate Jose Gaspar to honor the Queen of Spain.

Although the colony wasn't very successful, 13 residents of the island petitioned for a lighthouse in late 1833. No action was taken on the request for 45 years until the town of Punta Rasa developed into a busy cattle shipping point in the late 1870's. Then after world war II, the island became the headquarters for the national wildlife refuge.

Today, the island is a popular tourist attraction. The influx of tourists to the island after World War II resulted in the distinctive sanibel patio furniture style that was created by the local craftsman living in the area to be used by the hotels and restaurants on the island. Their lounge chairs became world famous and became a popular style in hotels and restaurants that is still in use and being sold around the world

The sanibel patio furniture lounge is manufactured in two different styles. The regular Sanibel has an adjustable back that can go from horizontal to nearly upright. The Adjustable Sanibel has both an adjustable back and seat section. The seat section can adjust to three separate elevations behind your knees. Arms are optional for both styles of lounge. A nice addition that can be custom ordered for sanibel patio furniture lounge is a pull out tray table that can be attached on sliders beneath the seat; you may slide it out to either the right or left. When not needed, the pull out tray can simply be left in place under the seat.

sanibel patio furniture is a comfortable and practical alternative to the common flat chaise lounge and it is an absolute necessity for anyone with back problems.

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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Wood Patio Set Furniture

A wood patio set furniture is the perfect accessory for an household that like to entertain in the backyard on the deck or patio. Many styles of specially designed chairs, tables and lounges are available in a wide variety of material s and colors.

The better woods used in the construction of outdoor furniture consist of cedar, teak and white birch. There three are the material of choice because all of them are resistant to rot and boring insects because of the natural oils that impregnate the wood. The oils not only protect it but can also act as a natural water barrier. These woods are almost as impervious to the natural elements as the resins and plastics used in the cheaper outdoor furniture products and will actually last longer.

Most of the outdoor furniture available on the market are made from newly harvested and processed wood. But, outdoor wood patio set furniture can be made from recycled lumber taken from boats and building that have been torn down or are being renovated. These recycled woods are stripped and refinished and they rather surprisingly can provide you with the look and performance of newly constructed wood furniture but with considerably less maintenance and cost.

wood patio set furniture is perfect for a deck, patio, or backyard and will provide you, your family, and guests with many years of comfortable service. There are Adirondack Chairs and all of the table and foot stools common accessories available in the recycled products.

This furniture is skillfully crafted in the United States using good solid high quality woods harvested from the scrap heap. It is the same select wood chosen by craftsmen for its beauty and durability. The only difference is this wood has proven it lasting nature by surviving long after it original product was no longer useful.

The best know example of using recycled wood was in Victorian England. As they dismantled old outdated wooden sailing ships, the planks used for the deck floors was taken and converted in park and garden benches, many of which are still in existence today. A good quality raw material can be reused time and time again.

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Friday, September 25, 2009

Wood Furniture Patterns Cradles

For the do it yourselfer, getting wood furniture patterns cradles is the cheapest and most rewarding way for them to get a cradle for the new baby. Blueprints that are called patterns are available for a large assortment of items that any competent home hobby wood worker can create in his basement or garage workshop.

Fathers, grandfathers, uncles and older brothers have been building baby cradles since the beginning of time. It is one way the men of the family can feel that they are an integral part of bringing the new baby into the family. Think how much pride these builders will feel each time they look at the wood furniture patterns cradles they lovingly built in their workshop with their own hands.

The child the cradle was built for will want to use the cradle built by daddy or grandpa or uncle Harry for their own children someday. This handmade wood furniture patterns cradles will become a treasured family heirloom that will be passed down from generation to generation.

The country cradle is one of our most popular and trusted woodworking patterns that is available for the hobbyist to build that much needed nursery room baby cradle.

The country cradle base has good feet for stability and the dowels are set apart at federally regulated intervals for safety. The classic pendulum design rocks the baby to sleep with the push of a hand. Woodworkers of all skill levels find this cradle a very "do-able" project with the full size patterns available for purchase. They also usually have a list of the necessary materials, a full set of instructions, blueprint style diagrams, and photos to make the task easier and therefore more enjoyable.

Another popular wood furniture patterns cradles is the hooded style of cradle that was used back in colonial America by busy farm wives so they could keep the little one nearby but not close enough to what they were working on that could be injured. This style of cradle can swing freely on its base so it easy to rock the baby to sleep or you can remove the entire cradle, set it on the floor and let it rock on its own rockers, a feature that makes it a portable bay carrier.

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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Rustic Furniture Harrisville

Every furniture style makes a statement. Log and rustic furniture Harrisville speaks to our history back to a time when people built their own furniture from whatever raw materials nature provided. Early North American pioneers built log and twig furniture out of necessity because there were no �factories� or established craftsman around to build it for them. It was easier to use fallen logs, branches and twigs to build a chair than it was to cut down a large tree with a hand axe and the try to split it along it length.

rustic furniture Harrisville is bold and yet warm. It can be either massive or graceful with conventional lines or something totally different. A rustic table might look like it grew out of the floor. Rustic furniture allows us to nature into our homes. The style is as different as each individual craftsman but on the whole, rustic furniture Harrisville has simplicity, elegance, boldness, a sense of history and natural beauty.

rustic furniture Harrisville has been described as "furniture with a soul�.
Rustic furniture pulls together all of the elements of nature. Unlike most other furniture manufacturers, rustic furniture craftsmen often rely on hand tools more than machines. The drawknife and spokeshave are essential tools for the log craftsmen because they are used to peel the logs and also make the tenons. However, there are automated tenon makers that look and act like a pencil sharpener and cut the tenon as the work piece is pushed into it. They fit on the end of a power drill or hand-held brace. Handsaws, chisels, hatchets and other hand tools are found in every rustic furniture maker�s toolbox. These craftsmen use special tools and inventive designs to create functional furniture that is as appropriate in a backwoods cabin as it is in a contemporary home or office.

Utilizing recycled barn wood and standing trees or twisted juniper roots and willow weavings, rustic furniture Harrisville makes a personal connection. It evokes a memory of an earlier era when people fashioned their furniture from nature to serve their needs. A distressed appearance of some rustic pieces adds character, charm and a individuality not found in other furniture styles. Rustic furniture is warm, creative, and practical and it speaks to our appreciation of human genius and resourcefulness.

The term "rustic furniture" means many things to different people. This category is wide-ranging because it encompasses log furniture, willow and twig designs, western or southwestern styles, Shaker and early American styles. To me, rustic furniture is natural, hand-made freeform artwork."

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Monday, September 21, 2009

Roble Wood Patio Furniture

Roble wood patio furniture is made from the roble tree. The tree is a handsome canopy tree that grows deep in the rain forests of South America. Roble trees can reach a height of 90 feet with a trunk diameter of about 2 feet in its natural rainforest. Lumber company reserve raised trees are usually somewhat smaller. Most commercially grown roble trees produce useable board lengths of between 35 to 50 feet. Roble trees are native to Argentina.

Because of the natural beauty of its wood, roble trees are becoming increasingly rare outside of national parks and lumber company reserves. The sapwood is a beautiful pale rose in color. But the heartwood color can range from a golden brown to a dark chestnut brown. The wood has a medium luster and texture with a straight to closely interlocked grain.

Roble wood slices easily and is used extensively for making veneers. The wood has excellent machining and turning qualities. It glues well. It is easy to get a beautiful patina and it also polishes well. Roble can be worked by machine and it responds well to hand tools. In other words, roble wood is a cabinetmaker�s idea of the perfect wood.

Roble�s strength is similar to teak so it has bee used extensively for boat building. It qualities also make it an excellent choice for fine furniture and cabinetry, fine decorative and figured veneer, flooring, interior trim, millwork, and balusters.

To maintain the smooth finish of your roble wood patio furniture and the golden brown color of your roble wood interior furniture, you will need to sand the furniture regularly. To prolong the period of time needed between sanding, teak or linseed oil may also be applied.

If you choose to apply teak or linseed oil, apply every 6 months, or just follow the oil container directions. Again, if you choose to maintain the smooth golden brown finish of your new roble wood furniture, this method requires some maintenance for upkeep such as sanding & reapplication of oil. Using oil does not prolong the life of roble wood. Teak or linseed oil, along with sanding, simply maintains the golden brown color of your roble wood patio furniture.

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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Patio Furniture

In many parts of the world, decks and patios serve as outdoor rooms where we entertain guests or just spend time relaxing during the times of year when local weather conditions permit. As a result, practically all of the common living room and dining room furniture pieces can be found on a typical patio.

You can find everything from imaginable designed and built for outdoor use such as garden chairs, love seats, settees, lounge chairs, tables, rockers, gliders, benches, swings and outdoor wet bars available as patio furniture.

While a large variety of materials are used to make patio furniture, patio furniture is most commonly available in all of the following materials: Cast Aluminum, Wicker, Teak, Cedar and Pine. Each of these materials has its own unique features and �personality�.

Cast aluminum is a strong, non-rusting, lightweight material that can transform a patio from ordinary into a splendid outdoor dining area. Because of its durability cast aluminum patio furniture can be left right where it is when the weather turns cold.

Wicker patio furniture is both comfortable and versatile with a look of casual elegance. A wicker rocking chair or chaise lounge can bring up memories of long summer evenings spent on the front porch. Although strong, wicker should be covered during cold or extremely wet weather in most climates.

Teak is structurally strong, has a beautiful almost exotic pattern and a pleasant aroma making it an excellent choice for patio furniture. It�s hard to beat the look of a teak dining table and you can add either traditional chairs or more the roomy benches to create a comfortable, but elegant outdoor dining area.

Cedar patio furniture is both beautiful and naturally resistant to insect damage and decay. No wonder it is commonplace for cedar patio furniture to survive harsh northern winters year after year. It has both durability and good looks.

Treated pine patio furniture offers distinct advantages over other traditional patio furniture materials. It is not only insect and rot resistant but is also cheaper than other woods. Even better, it is typically made from plantation grown pine, which is an easily renewable source so it is environmentally friendly as well.

To protect your investment, it is recommended that you use covers during cold weather to keep your patio furniture looking beautiful longer.

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Friday, September 18, 2009

Wood Furniture Parkland

Wood furniture parkland is garden furniture used on lawns outside of public buildings and in park areas. I use a garden bench on the concrete apron of my driveway just to have someplace comfortable to sit down when in that area of the yard. Wood furniture parkland tables and chairs used outside in gardens should be stylish, comfortable and durable. Good quality garden furniture should be able to be left out all year.

Garden furniture is somewhat different from patio, beach and general lawn furniture and usually consists of garden benches, seats, garden tables and picnic tables. Many restaurants will add a few pieces of garden furniture to the outside of their business for patrons to sit while waiting in line for indoor seating. Buffets style restaurants, hamburger and ice cream stands provide wood furniture parkland it as an option to indoor eating if the weather is nice.

Wood furniture parkland may be constructed entirely of wood or may use a combination or wrought iron and word construction or stone and wood construction. When made entirely of wood, natural cedar is the wood of choice. Cedar is a hard wood that contains abundant natural oil that provides protection from boring insects, fungus, mildew and other form of rot. Red cedar grows on the North American continent and white cedar grows on the Eurasian continent.

A popular style of wood furniture parkland is the wrought iron and wood combination. With this style the frame is made of wrought iron. The seat, backrest and tabletops are constructed of wood. Cedar or teak is normally used to provide long lasting wear and natural resistance to rotting and boring insects. The wooden stats may be almost touching or they may have a couple of inches of space between them. The slates are bolted onto the wrought iron frame. This combination creates a sturdy, dependable, long lasting and comfortable piece of wood furniture parkland.

The store and wood construction of wood furniture parkland is mostly used in public and private parks. Here the base of the table and benches is either stone or concrete. The seats, backrests and tabletops are made of wood. Again teak and cedar are the woods of choice since they resist rotting and do not need to be painted or stained so they require very little maintenance.

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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Replacement Cushions For Outdoor Furniture

One of the most important items that need to be taken into consideration when you buy replacement cushions for outdoor furniture is the cushion care and maintenance.

A good quality outdoor furniture cushion should last for several years if it is cleaned according to the manufacturer�s recommendations regularly and stored indoors in a dust and mildew free environment during the winter. Cleaning methods and frequency depend on the fabric used for the replacement cushions for outdoor furniture and the kind of wear and tear that the cushions have received.

Following a few simple care and cleaning steps so the fabric will maintain its good looks and serviceability for many years to come can maintain most of the replacement cushions for outdoor furniture available on the market today. The special polyester filling has been scientifically engineered for outdoor use and is designed to allow water to pass freely through the fiber.

One of the best ways to keep fabrics looking good and to delay the need for deep cleanings is to hose the fabrics off on a monthly basis with clear water to prevent dirt from becoming deeply imbedded in the fabric and eliminate the need for more frequent vigorous cleanings.

In most environments, replacement cushions for outdoor furniture will need a thorough cleaning every two to three years. When it's time for a thorough cleaning, the replacement cushions for outdoor furniture can be cleaned while still on the furniture or if size permits they can be removed from the outdoor furniture and washed in a large tumble type washing machine. Agitator type washing machine may cause the fabric to tear.

When cleaning replacement cushions for outdoor furniture fabrics by hand, it is important to:

�Brush off all loose dirt.

�Hose the cushions down thoroughly.

�Always use a natural soap (never use harsh detergent).

�Water temperature should never be more than 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

�Always use a soft bristle brush to clean the fabric.

�Rinse all fabric thoroughly.

�Air dry only. Never apply heat to replacement cushions for outdoor furniture.

If stubborn stains persist, consult the manufacture�s instructions that came with the cushions or check it out on their website for the recommended methods of stain removal.

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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Refinish Wood Veneer Furniture

Just keep in mind before you start to refinish wood veneer furniture that a piece of furniture that is advertised as "all-wood furniture" is not necessarily solid wood. Veneer is a thin layer of wood that is applied in sheets over underlying layers of plywood or particleboard.

Plywood is made of thin layers of solid wood glued over each other with grains running at 90-degree angles to produce a strong core. Particleboard is made from a mixture of glue, wood chips and sawdust that is shaped into boards and then baked to assure uniform drying. A "real wood" veneer is often glued on top.

A veneer can help you achieve the look you desire at a cost lower than solid lumber. In fact, some of the more exotic woods such as roble are only available as veneers. Artificial veneers can be overlaid on plywood or particleboard and can provide an inexpensive way to get a more expensive look for your unfinished wood furniture desk. A plywood core is lighter, less expensive and more forgiving if damaged, but it can swell if it gets wet. If damaged, particleboard will often break off because the material is so hard it cannot absorb a shock.

To refinish wood veneer furniture you must be extremely careful in how you remove the existing finish. Remember the real wood veneer is a very thin (0.1 to 0.3 thick) piece of wood. It is better to use chemical strippers because they do not remove any of the underlying wood surfaces. After the all of the finish is gone and the wood has completely dried, you need to do a very light sanding with fine grain sandpaper.

You just want to be sure the wood is smooth to the touch. I recommend hand sanding for veneers because electric sanders can easily remove too much of wood surface and let the underlying plywood or particleboard show through.

The next step needed to refinish wood veneer furniture is to apply stain. I like to use two sponges�one to apply the stain and the other to wipe off the excess. I find I can get a smoother, more even color with this method. When the stain has completely dried, it is time to apply the topcoat finish. After that dries, a couple of coats of good paste furniture will give your newly refinish wood veneer furniture a lustrous shine.

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Friday, September 11, 2009

Mexican Leather Furniture Equipale

Mexican leather furniture equipale (tanned pig skin) is by far the best selling line of leather furniture and also the best known throughout the world. This handmade rustic leather furniture that is crafted from tanned pigskin, Mexican cedar or pine strips and wrought iron fittings is durable and comfortable. Anywhere in your home in the living room, bar area, patio or family room, mexican leather furniture equipale furniture will create a southwestern rustic atmosphere with both character and charm.

This furniture style developed out of the blending of two totally different cultures. During the late 1500's, Spanish artisans and skilled carpenters invaded the Aztec and Mayan native Indian cultures of Mexico. With them, they brought the guild system of their homeland. Guilds were basically a tradesmen group that was formed to carry on the tradition of the different crafts. Guilds trained apprentices in all sorts of crafts. As a result the woodworking knowledge of the European craftsmen was integrated with the leather working knowledge of the local craftsmen and the results produced a distinctive new style of furniture called Mexican leather furniture equipage

All of these items are handcrafted and the wood used is solid American pine specifically the Sugar Pine tree or mesquite. Most of the exterior surfaces are intentionally distressed to achieve that rustic vintage finish that most people look for in this very charming but extremely practical style of furniture.
The wood is then stained and finished with a protective coating of wax applied by hand. The contrast of the black wrought iron hinges and door pulls against the soft light creamy to coffee color of the pine make a delightful impression.

Much of the charm of this mexican leather furniture equipale lies in the natural irregularities of the wood which frequently contains knots and natural bows (the little upraised areas that are the result of drying. Also there are areas where the stain penetrates unevenly due to the density of the wood that also contribute to the characteristics of this Rustic Furniture. This age old method of stain application has given the mexican leather furniture equipale that distinctive vintage appearance.

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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Natural Maple Wood Furniture

Natural maple wood furniture is made in many parts of North America since it is a common tree that grows there. Over the centuries the natural beauty of the maple wood has made it a popular choice for dinning room tables and other fine wood furniture. These natural maple wood furniture pieces can be found in everything from the most the relatively inexpensive mass-produced totally computer controlled machine made pieces to the highest quality custom built hand made furniture.

Maple is so highly prized for wooden tables that a lot of the cheap plywood and pressboard furniture available for self-assembly in the variety store have been fitted with a artificial maple veneer. Artificial veneers have the grain patterns of the desired wood printed on the material being used. Then it is finished so that it is the correct color and looks and feels like a real wood surface.

Craftsmen prefer using the maple tree to build natural maple wood furniture because of the broad tree trunk. This allow them to use wider board that create a more pleasing appearance in larger dining and conference room tables than is possible with the more narrow board trees.

The most commonly used maple trees for building natural maple wood furniture are the red maple and the big leaf maple tree.

Natural Red Maple is a hardwood that is also known as soft maple, scarlet maple, swamp maple, and water maple. It grows throughout eastern North America. The tree has a broad trunk and creamy white sapwood with beige or tan-colored heartwood. It is a moderately heavy, hard and strong wood. The boards stiff with low shock resistance and weak decay resistance. Red maple is softer and weaker than hard maple but easier to work.

Big leaf Maple is a hardwood that is also known as broadleaf maple, Oregon maple, Pacific coast maple, western maple, white maple, or just plain maple. It grows in the western area of North America. The tree has a pale pinkish-brown to almost white wood that often has a slight grayish cast. It is moderately heavy, hard and strong. It is also quite stiff with low bending strength, shock and decay resistance. But is does tend to resist dents very well.

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Monday, September 7, 2009

Red Cedar Rustic Furniture

Unlike most of the rustic furniture available, red cedar rustic furniture is made exclusively from western red cedar. The dictionary defines rustic furniture as, �furniture made from the natural materials that are available in the surrounding area.� So a bench made from logs or boulders qualify as rustic furniture as long as the material has been worked to modify it for some useful purpose. In this case if the top has been leveled to serve as a seat.

Rustic furniture can be made from twigs, braches, standing dead trees or materials recycled from other structures such as making a table from old floorboards from a torn down house. Normally, rustic furniture is hand made. Of course in today�s world that usually means with hand held power tools or home workshop quality wood working tools.

However, red cedar rustic furniture is exclusively from western red cedar.
Red cedar is actually a member of the Cyprus tree family and grows throughout most of North America but is more abundant in the Pacific Northwest. True or white cedar only grows in on the Eurasian continent.

Western red cedar is one of the most resilient tress in the world. It compares to teak for it ability to resist rotting and boring insects. Like teak, its natural oils also protect it from water damage. As a result, wood from the tree was often used for fence posts to enclose cattle ranges. Western American Indian tribes used the bark of the Western Red Cedar to make sandals and cribs because of it strength. They used the smaller branches and twigs to make torches to drive off insects. Larger branches were used to built canoes and lodges. On their famous expedition, Louis and Clark used Western Red Cedar to build their own canoes.

The natural oil from the wood in red cedar rustic furniture gives the wood it characteristic pleasant fragrance and serves as a natural protection from rot and boring insects.

One of the most commonly purchased red cedar rustic furniture is the bridal �hope chest� because of its unique ability to resist moths and other harmful insects.

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Friday, September 4, 2009

Patio Furniture Table Set With Umbrella

Patio furniture table set with umbrellas can create a small island of shade is sunniest part of your backyard. They are practically a necessity pool side to give your body shelter from the relentless roasting its getting from the sweltering summer sun during midday.

Typically patio furniture table set with umbrellas have twelve sides. Usually they have a little flap that hangs decoratively down from each angled sidepiece. The may have either metal or wooden frames and poles. The better umbrellas have hardware that allow you to tilt the umbrella for early morning and lat afternoon to keep the sum out of your eyes while you are relaxing or enjoying a meal with family or friends outdoors.

The umbrella fabric is usually a synthetic water resistant material. Most of the fabrics look like denim or canvas. Most of this synthetic has the feel of denim, but it doesn't absorb moisture, it will not mildew like a most fabrics. Many umbrella coverings are designed to be removable so they can be easily removed and washed in a washing machine.

Properly cared for, most of these umbrellas Umbrella will last for many years. They are true umbrellas that mean that the frame can be slid down the pole so the whole thing is is lees than a foot in diameter which does allow for easy transport and storage. Of course, you should bring them inside for storage during the off-season.

The umbrella tables can be wood, metal, resin, or concrete. They will all have a hole drilled in the middle to slide the umbrella pole through. One of the most important things you need to go with patio furniture table set with umbrella is a good sturdy umbrella base and a quality table to help support the umbrella.

Some of the better tables have the umbrella stand built into the table. Most of these tend to be pedestal tables where the pedestal serves to both support the table top and to hold the umbrella pole.

If not built into the table the umbrella stand will be a separate, and usually very heave base that just sit under the table. The base will have a center hole that the pole fit into. Together the base and the table hold the pole rigid.

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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Wrought Iron Furniture In South Africa

Most of the wrought iron furniture in South Africa is hand made. A wrought iron piece starts out with solid bars and rods of iron. The bars are placed in the forge and heated until then reach the temperature just below their melting point. This is usually referred to as being "white hot". At this temperature, the iron becomes malleable or bendable. Next, it is hammered on an anvil by the blacksmith. The blacksmith will shape the soft iron into whatever shape is called for by the designer's drawings and measurements.

The material used most often today to produce " wrought iron" furniture in South Africa products is hot- and cold-rolled mild steel. Both metals are a silvery-gray color when brushed down to their natural color. Unfortunately, both are susceptible to corrosion, and will rust if left unprotected outdoors.

Because of its tendency to corrode, wrought iron needs a protective coating for all uses, but especially for exterior installations of wrought iron. Typically the manufacturer will apply first and anti-rust primer and then a top coat of outdoor (usually acrylic) paint. The most popular color used is flat black, but any color and gloss level of paint may be chosen. Since Interior applications of wrought iron need less protection, and lend themselves to many more choices of finishes than exterior applications.

There are many type of furnishing made from wrought iron. One of my favorites is the exquisite dining room tables that have an oval tinted glass top. I saw one set with a deep red tint to the glass that had matching ladder back chairs, with deep soft cushions approximated the same shade as the tint in the table�s glass top.

The was an accompanying hutch and sideboard, the cabinet doors and drawer fronts were made of the same tinted glass as the table top. The drawer bodies were made of metal and covered with felt so they would made a tinny sound when opened and closed.

I�ve also seen some extremely attractive copper and steel looking finishes on wrought iron furniture, but personally, I like the flat black the best. I�m sure powder coating is just around the corner.

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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Wood Furniture Boca Raton

You can purchase wood furniture boca raton by visiting the town the next time you are in Florida. There are a great number of local craftsman that build custom wood furniture. Most got started by building their own furniture because they did not like the high prices for the low quality furniture that was being sold in the area. Many of these people worked in the construction industry and were part time hobbyists who enjoyed working with wood in their basement or garage workshops.

Then during a downturn in the local economy, many of these hobbyists began to earn their living doing custom work for family and neighbors. Today many of the finest small custom fur wood furniture Boca Raton houses can be found.

The meaning of the name Boca Raton has always aroused curiosity. Many people wrongly assume the name is simply Rat�s Mouth. The Spanish word boca (or mouth) often described an inlet, while raton (literally mouse) was used as a term for a cowardly thief. But the �Thieves Inlet,� Boca Ratones, appeared on eighteenth century maps associated with an inlet in the Biscayne Bay area of Miami. By the beginning of the nineteenth century, the term was mistakenly applied to Lake Boca Raton, whose inlet was closed at the time. The �s� and later the �e� were dropped from this title by the 1920s, yet the correct pronunciation remains Rah-tone.

The earliest known inhabitants of the Boca Raton area were the Tequesta Indians, who lived in communities near the ocean as long ago as one thousand years until the eighteenth century. The construction of the Florida Intracoastal Canal and the Florida East Coast Railway in the 1890s made the region accessible to a group of resourceful pioneers.

With each succeeding land boom in the area the demand for these wood furniture Boca Raton products produced by craftsmen grew. New houses mean people want new furniture. Some of the custom builders realized there was also a large market with all of the new families settling in the area for the more moderately priced mass-produced furniture. Many of them went on to found large furniture manufacturing companies. Most still have a high commitment to quality that comes from their custom design heritage.

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