Friday, May 14, 2010

Bespoke Iron Garden Furniture

What exactly do we mean by bespoke iron garden furniture. If you are from England, India or any other former British colony, I�m sure you already know. But if you are English speaking from the Americas or Australia, you probably do not what bespoke means. The word bespoke is British for custom designed or commissioned work. So, bespoke iron garden furniture is custom designed iron garden furniture.

Wrought iron means 'worked iron' and wrought iron is the product of a blacksmith's hard work. Heating the raw metal bars until they reach a malleable temperature and then hammering the white-hot iron on an anvil or forge is the traditional method of producing it. This process makes the iron flexible so that it can take on graceful curves. Heating to such a high temperature removes the carbon and other impurities from the raw metal. Removing impurities makes the iron much stronger so it will last longer.

Since it is so labor intensive and require kiln that can reach and sustain high temperatures, creating bespoke iron garden furniture is a relatively expensive process. While true wrought iron ornaments are available, it is rare for large items of garden furniture to be wrought in this manner.

The word iron comes from the Scandinavian word iarn and has been used since prehistoric times. Because it is harder than bronze, iron was an extremely valuable material. The Iron Age came after the Bronze Age. Blacksmiths still work in the ancient tradition, though most of them now use mild hot or cold rolled steel to build their bespoke iron garden furniture.

Since both iron and steel are subject to rusting, after it has been made into the desired object, the metal must next be polished to perfect smoothness. Sometimes, the metal is put in a chemical bath to remove any oil that may have gotten on it. Then it is primed with a rust inhibiting primer. Finally is it painted, usually flat black. However, I have seen several garden benches and a few fences that were a very attractive deep hunter green.

Bespoke iron garden furniture gates and fence post are frequently toped with ornate scrollwork or the traditional points and most benches have wooden slates added to the seats and backs for comfort.